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Helderberg Kids is the property of Mrs Mariana Further, who is also the principal. Helderberg Kids started as a business in 1998. We aim for a highly professional but also homely atmosphere in our school and it is an ideal to be known as the friendliest nursery school in the Strand. We are non-racial.
We enroll Babies, Toddlers and After-care children from the surrounding schools. We accommodate 10 babies at a time. Our classes have a maximum of 20 pupils for all other groups. We have excellently qualified teachers as well as an assistant in every class. The children of our Pre-primary class are always well-equipped for their Grade 1 year in school.
We follow the curriculum and guidelines of the WCED strictly (CAPS) and our teachers are trained accordingly.
We make use of the subsidies offered by the WCED.

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Phone: +27(21) 8535377

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