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Background / History of Micsam Management


Caroline is the sole member in Micsam Management & Secretarial Services cc and participates in the business on a full time, hands on basis.

I was born in 1948 in Cradock in the Eastern Cape, moved to Namibia with parents and have lived in the Cape since 1963. Married for 44 years to Barry; have two daughters and four grand-children and live in Somerset West.

In 1974 I joined Stellenbosch Farmers Winery where I was secretary to the Accountant for two years, promoted to secretary to the Group Accountant then promoted to secretary to the Financial Director. Looking for a challenge I joined the Marketing team where I assisted in New Product Development. I left Stellenbosch Farmers Winery to open my own restaurant in 1986.

I was approached by Mr S Kassel and subsequently joined the firm of Michael Ginsberg Kassel & Co, Chartered Accountants and Auditors as secretary in 1988 till 1994. From 1994 to 1998 I fulfilled the role of managing agent in their company called Ginam Holdings.

In November 1998 Micsam Management & Secretarial Services cc was registered when I bought the managing agency business from them. Being auditors the partners felt their business was not focused on being managing agents and therefore offered me this opportunity as I had proved myself extensively over the previous years. I welcomed the challenge with open arms and have since excelled in this business.


The advantages and benefits from appointing Micsam Management & Secretarial Services cc as your professional managing agent are many and comprehensive.

The most important advantages for your Association being that:

  • Our golden rule is always to focus on what the client is asking for.
    Our aim is not only to fulfil the basic requirements of your Association to the highest of standards and to make these basic requirements easier and simpler to understand and use by everyone involved, but also to provide a superior service in which we develop systems and manage these systems to ensure that the Associations most demanding needs can be met.
  • Over and above the required advisory service Micsam Management & Secretarial Services cc goes the extra mile by identifying and recommending better solutions for the overall management of your entity.
  • Through the take on process we hold internal meetings at key stages and map critical paths so that everyone knows what they have to produce and when.
  • An important element of our work ethic is that all our actions are above reproach.
  • We have extensive experience in Sectional Title, Homeowners' and Owners' Associations'. On past experience with clients and continued investigation into the market place, we have identified the need for reliable, high standard of service in the realm of financial, management and secretarial services.
  • As most of the entities that have appointed us were due to either mismanagement or mediocre service we have become experts at being able to rectify this to the benefit of the entity especially as we have vast experience in managing the finances of Homeowners' Associations and Corporate Bodies and understand fully the implications of managing their funds.
  • We have gained invaluable experience in a wide variety of problems and have been able to implement suitable solutions. As a result, we are able to give professional advice preventing the unnecessary loss of time and money by attempts to "re-invent the wheel".
  • Our systems, procedures and working methods are regularly examined to ensure that they remain professional and in alignment with our client’s needs and expectations
  • We purposefully broaden our knowledge of all aspects of the management of Property Owners Associations and Sectional Title Schemes so the knowledge and expertise of our staff members will be available to you for the management of your property. As members of relevant professional bodies we attend seminars regularly, study books, articles and monitor the trade press, attend networking events and have made good acquaintance with several specialists in this field we can call upon.

Services Performed by Micsam Management

Financial Management

  • Issuing of monthly levy accounts, collection of levies, management of debtors and liaison with collection attorneys with regard to accounts handed over to them.
  • Payment of supplier accounts i.e. creditor control function in accordance with instructions from Trustees.
  • Management and payment of salaries and wages, including producing payslips and submission of UIF and PAYE returns.
  • Management of insurance portfolios including administration of claims arising therefrom.
  • Management of and raising of miscellaneous charges such as water accounts, fines etc, etc.
  • Compilation of annual budget and levy schedule.
  • Keeping accurate financial records on recognized accounting software and reporting regularly to Trustees/Directors. Monthly composition of management reports.
  • Administering VAT registration and all subsequent VAT returns
  • Administration and handling of funds on fixed investments.
  • Cashflow management including appropriate investment of surplus funds.
  • Opening of bank accounts and arranging cheque signatories. Updating and reconciliation of bank account (cheque and fixed deposit).
  • Compilation of audit files, liaison with auditors, management of the presentation and approval of audited financial statements.


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