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8 St James Street, Audas Estate, 7130 ,South Africa
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In this practice I strive to help people beyond tolerable symptoms by using a variety of skills integrated and congruent with myself. People who know me will vouch that I always go the extra mile within the limitations of my role.I have an eclectic approach incorporating aspects of psychodynamic , existential phenomenology  and systems theory.I like to use gestalt techniques and art where appropriate to facilitate closure on unresolved or entrenched patterns of less effective adjustment to life’s challenges.

Working as a Counselling psychologist in the  Helderberg Basin and Overberg, for the last 25 years I am eventually mastering enough of the challenges of the digital era, rendering amongst others a Skype service, hosting  facebook pages under Niel Mostert Psychologist  and Boland Instituut vir Beroepsontwikkeling. I intend to use this website to facilitate and promote my services,  repackaged in such a way that it gives more people access to this much needed variety of specialized services around education and career, marriage and adjustment, trauma and transition, addiction and life design.

I find it particularly satisfying to work with teenagers struggling to make meaning of an increasingly  complicated anxiety provoking  personal and future career world, marriage counselling, trauma and bereavement  as well as support and adjustment to chronic illness has become some of my specialities over the years. I have adjusted to the changing  context of people’s existence including the impact of global trends and lifestyles within increasingly complex systems and mind blowing technological development.

Please contact me by telephone or email, should you have any questions or require the perspective of a psychologist on a particular matter.


                                     About marriage

  • Remember that you stay responsible for the baggage you brought to the relationship
  • Communication has become a hollow sounding cliche when defense mechanisms are elevated to weapons of power
  • People marry for deeper reasons than their feelings for each other
  • The appropriate uses of the words Yes and No make more room for love
  • A shared set of higher order rules will guide you like a gps or plumbline  through difficult times 
  • If you are divorced you will need to understand your own role and healing process
  • People in their 3rd and 4th marriages often realise that they are repeating the pattern
  • Falling in love is the way of nature to get two people so close to each other that they can’t see anything wrong –literally the definition of a kiss
  • Caring days are habits easily developed in early days and will stand you in good stead when conflict arise, like a positive balance in your mutual bank account
  • You cannot differ from somebody as to how they feel, although you may argue on actions and thoughts.
  • Parental influence and interference must be managed right from the start                   


                        rUBRIEK IN bOLANDER

                   aS WERK NIE MEER WERK NIE

                            see attached

                      Personal Boundaries


A personal boundary is a line you draw to protect all or a part of your life from being controlled, manipulated, misunderstood, abused, discounted ,demeaned or wrongly judged.

  • It separates you from other people ,places and things and forms a natural part of the world we live in  and daily life.
  • Personal boundaries protect your life and preserve your highest potential so that your ultimate purpose can be joyfully and effectively fulfilled.
  • Stable boundaries are rooted in treasuredness.
  • It brings order.
  • Define your identity.
  • Speak for you.
  • Attract respectful relationships.
  • Promote you.
  • Preserve your purpose and mission.
  • Protect your finest personal assets
  • Satisfy your need for self confirmation.

If you treat your life in a way that shows you love it, you will naturally create a personal boundary system.

A life without boundaries will result in a loss of respect, vitality and legacy.

You have a right to create personal boundaries because you are the owner of your life.

A course in personal boundaries is a vital part of the recovery from many paralysing conditions and /or life long  circumstances.   NM