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1 Morgenster Avenue, Somerset West, ,South Africa
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Lily Masson works as a Life Process Facilitator,  guiding and supporting people through the crisis moments that we all have to deal with in life. Supportive modalities used include Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, End-of-Life Support, Death and Bereavement Guidance, Psychological Counselling and Crisis Facilitation.

Lily’s approach is compassionate, respectful and informed. She also brings years worth of lived experience, through both her own life crisis, as well as assisting many others through life processes including the dying process. She believes that negotiating a life crisis with support and companionship makes it easier to focus on the light rather than the tunnel, and that is half the battle won.

She is currently specialising in Thanatology (Study of Death and Dying, and Death Education). She is based in Somerset West.

The practice is geared towards empowering individuals, families and organisations, enabling them to cope with change and crisis, lead and manage themselves and others effectively, develop coping strategies and build emotional intelligence.

The Light Centre supports individuals and families going through an end-of-life situation by looking at what support structures are required by individuals and families in order to best care for loved ones who have limited life expectancy.  People are assisted in coming to terms with the dying process of a loved one, information is given, space is created for conversations, and  practical structures are put in place to support the carers and the family.

I have pursued a lifelong path of personal growth, studied Non-linear Dynamics, Energy Medicine, Consciousness Coaching and Neuroscience in Coaching. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counselling with specialised interest in death and dying, and have qualified in Levels I and II in Spiral Dynamics (a map of the development of values in people – looking at not so much what we think but how we think).

I have worked in the fields of health care, supportive intervention and life coaching for over 15 years.  I utilise information from a huge spectrum of disciplines, ranging from psychology and science, spirituality and mindfulness to brain based techniques recognising the plasticity and complexity of the human brain. I combine these modalities in my approach to anxiety disorders, addictions, learning problems, low self-esteem and inability to set out and achieve goals. They are also used facilitate people through intense and difficult times of chaos and change, moving from fear to ultimate acceptance.

I have recently launched a community project called A Rite to Talk About: Dying, where I facilitate conversations about the Rite of Passage we will all undertake at some point – the Passage of Dying. Talking about, thinking about and planning for our final Rite of Passage transforms this difficult time in everyones life into something deeply accepted. This in itself is transformative for us as individuals.

I offer support, companionship and assistance to families and individuals facing end-of-life, or a loved one unexpectedly passing away. Various levels of support are offered and put in place in order to assist in taking care of their loved one at home, and in coming to terms with loss.

I meet with each client in order to decide together how the process will be approached. The type and level of support is structured according to each persons needs and ability, as is the fee structure.

I live in Somerset West, and my most outstanding experience to date has been raising three wonderful children, all whom are people I feel honoured and privileged to call my family.

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.’