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Choosing between different competitors and selecting from various types of storage unit can be stressful. At Alternative Storage our professionally trained managers will listen to your storage needs and provide you with the perfect solution. Regardless of whether you need a budget or premium storage plan, Alternative Storage offers clean, well-lighted units in access controlled facilities at an affordable price.

Storage Calculator

Select the number of household articles you want to store to estimate what size storage unit you need.

Storage Tips

Packing your items properly will save you time and ensure your goods are maintained in the best possible condition.

Storage Supplies

We've got a selection of supplies to help you move and pack your items safely. Choose from boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more.


Highlights of Alternate Storage Services

Digital Goods

Store your excess digital goods like TVs, cabinets, monitors and printers.

Security Available 24/7

We have security around the clock for you.

Home Storage

Easy storage for all your home products and small home appliances.

Wine Storage

The perfect environment to store your wines for years.

Lowest Prices

Affordable prices according to your requirements.

General Storage Tips and Advice

Carton Storage

  • Store all your small and big carton boxes safe from termite damage.
  • General Storage Tips and Advice
  • Use available trolleys to transport your goods to the unit.
  • Plan your space. Stack bulky and heavy items at the bottom and to the back of the unit, leaving the goods you will need access to most in the front of the unit. See PLAN YOUR SPACE.
  • Place the most valuable items toward the back.
  • Wrap where you can, keeping things sealed and protected from dust and creepy crawlies. See our available wrappings from our supporting products on PRODUCT LIST.
  • Lock your unit with one of the heavy locks we provide you with when you become a tenant.
  • Make an inventory of your items and keep it safe.
  • Label everything. Even though you know exactly what you are putting in it at the time you move into your unit, it doesn’t mean in six or 12 months you want to be digging around to find something.
  • Use quality boxes and plastic crates and pack them so that they don’t collapse when stacked.
  • Cover furniture with a dust cover or sheet.
  • Leave air space between items and the walls for ventilation.
  • Ensure you have an aisle for access to the items at the back
  • Clean all items thoroughly (vacuuming for food crumbs, cleaning garden items, ensure fridges and/or freezers are completely clean and dry). Make sure everything else you pack is clean and dry to prevent mould and mildew.
  • Do not store perishables, such as food.
  • Do not store flammable items such as gasoline or fireworks.
  • Visit your unit periodically to check the condition of it and your possessions, and sweep it out at times.
  • For more detailed suggestions on how to store your goods and valuables, please download the SPECIFIC TIPS FOR STORAGE



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