Anice Lombard - Massage Mama

,South Africa
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Anice Lombard - Massage Mama

During my own pregnancies I struggled with the usual aches and pains as well as the emotional journey that comes with the ever changing body. I found massage the best way to deal with physical discomfort as well as connecting with my body. Once baby came I have never needed the massages more! Between the lack of sleep, wild hormonal changes and the constant responsibility of a newborn, a little time for me was all I wanted. But Spa visits actually caused me more stress than relaxation. Leaving the house with the new baby, driving, trying to time a feed or a nap  was far to much to deal with!

And so, Massage Mama was born. I come to your home with a massage bed, towels and everything else we need. I set up anywhere in your home, where you're most comfortable. Set up is quick and takes less than 5 mins.

I am a certified massage therapist. 

Certified Holistic Massage Therapist
  • Swedish 
  • Deep Tissue,
  • Trigger Point
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Hot Stone
  • Pregnancy & Postnatal
  • Advanced Sports Massage


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