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With over 30 years of combined experience in the borehole, irrigation, and landscaping industries, AquaBlue SA stands as a trusted borehole company in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Our expert borehole water drillers have achieved a remarkable success rate in locating water sources. We prioritise the sustainable utilisation of private borehole water and strictly adhere to the guidelines and practices set by the Borehole Water Association (BWA) and South African National Standards (SANS). As proud registered members of the BWA, we provide reliable and compliant borehole drilling services.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond adherence to industry standards. We take pride in our core values of honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Our goal is to offer you the finest borehole installation, maximising yield while ensuring cost efficiency. With extensive experience collaborating with large teams on expansive sites, our dedicated professionals pay meticulous attention to detail. You can rely on our team to execute their duties with unwavering integrity, professionalism, and efficiency. Trust us to deliver a borehole solution that aligns with your specific needs and supports environmental sustainability. Together, we can achieve water conservation and efficiency for a sustainable future.


Discover Premier Water Solutions in the Western Cape with AquaBlue SA!

Proudly serving the Western Cape region, AquaBlue SA delivers top-quality water services and installations to meet your needs. From expert borehole and well point installations to efficient irrigation systems and water storage solutions, we are your trusted partner for sustainable water management.

With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, AquaBlue SA offers comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your water systems.

Join countless satisfied customers in the Western Cape who have experienced the AquaBlue SA difference. Contact us today to transform your water management and conservation efforts!

Maintenance & Servicing

We run an annual borehole and filtration servicing and maintenance plan for our clients. Contact us to find out more.

We can also restore and/or decommission boreholes safely and according to BWA guidelines.?

Water Pumps

We supply and install water pumps. Your required yield will be discussed with you at the site assessment ?and implemented during the drill.

Water Storage

Once water has been located it will need to be stored

We can advise and supply a range of water storage products to suit your needs

Storage tanks can require some ground preparation as they need to be on a solid cement type base

Water Filtration

Once you have your water supply and storage the untreated water then needs to move somewhere, i.e. to filtration or garden use.

If it is to be used on your garden, then you will require a booster pump.

If you require the water to be pumped into your house (depending on your water quality) it will need to undergo various levels of filtration depending on your household needs.

Send us your water usage, requirements and budget and we will test and source, from our pool of experts, the best value options for your home or business.


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