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Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer

  • Personal - Clean - Easy - Hygienic and Effective Insect Control
  • Kills Insects - Their Larvae - Eggs and Stops their biting and host-seeking behaviour
  • Odourless - Does not Stain - No synthetic solvents
  • No annoying unpleasant or harmful gasses
  • No need to vacate sprayed room or area
  • A Unique researched, developed and approved user-friendly product
  • Deadly to Dustmites, Flies, Ants, Cockroaches, Lice, Mosquitos, Fishmoths,
  • Bedbugs, Ticks and many other cold blooded insects
  • Excellent use for modern Households, Hotels, Resorts, Luxurious suites, Guest Houses, Lodges, Chalets, Rondavels, Tents and any other Accommodation Facilities.
  • Ideal to use for Public Health Care in Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Crèches, Restaurants, Public Food Outlets, Veterinary Pet and Animal Care etc.
  • Not Dangerous or Harmful to Humans, mammals and birds, once the product has dried on any Fabric - Textile or Surface.
  • Totally safe to sleep on sprayed mattresses - bedding - pillows - carpets - sleeping bags - in clothing or other treated items.
  • Always spray suitcases - hand-bags or luggage when travelling, camping or hiking.

Six Horrific Facts about Dust Mites...

  • The average person's bed contains millions of dust mites, which thrive on the humid conditions and feast off the particles of dead skin that we shed every day (we shed around two to three pounds of skin every year).
  • The weight of the average mattress doubles after ten years due to dust mite infestation. Dust Mites are present in all our homes, particularly our beds - where we spend a third of our lives - as they thrive on warm, damp conditions and feed on our excess skin. We share our beds with approximately 2 million dust mites. Mould and fungi form on our beds as a result of human sweat and moisture. They are bacteria based and can be a trigger for allergy / asthma  sufferers. Dust mites leave their excrement (and it is to these that we are allergic to) in our beds. The place where we spend most of our lives we clean the least! We scrupulously clean our bodies, our clothes, our homes, our cars and our patios - but never our beds. You spend approximately one third of your life in bed, more time than anywhere else in the home, but incredibly, it is the place you clean the least – if at all!
  • Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings
  • During its 80 day lifespan, the average dust mite produces about 1,000 allergenic waste particles. These contain a powerful allergen that can cause irritation and a particular trigger for allergy sufferers.
  • A dust mite is smaller than a grain of sand
  • Dust mite populations increase rapidly; each egg-laying female can increase the population by 25 or 30 new mites per week.



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