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Shiatsu is a safe and effective form of energy medicine based on years of experience.
Originating in China and Japan, Shiatsu is a therapeutic form of treatment involving many bodywork techniques: stretching, holding, massage techniques, structural alignment corrections and joint mobilization. It is a complementary therapy and has been called "Oriental Physiotherapy" and may incorporate techniques used by Osteopaths and Cranio sacral alternative therapists.
Shiatsu has also been termed "Acupuncture without needles". Acupuncture and Shiatsu in common share a theoretical base of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The body not only has a circulatory system that carries blood around the body it also has pathways that carry energy to and from the organs. These pathways are called meridians.
Within a shiatsu massage/treatment, pressure is applied to the body, along with the other techniques with the aim of improving and balancing the flow of energy along the meridian pathways that cover the entire body. It is when the energy in these pathways is stuck and out of balance in relation to each other, that ill health occurs. Acupressure points along the meridians are stimulated with thumbs rather than needles for specific purposes.
Shiatsu is holistic. This means it takes into account the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the person as well as the physical condition and needs. The integration and balancing of these four areas of ourselves within Shiatsu treatments enables wellbeing to be recovered.
This form of alternative therapy is beneficial for all individuals and can be adapted for specific clients such as pregnant women and the elderly. You do not need to be ill to benefit from a shiatsu treatment.

Other Treatments Offered:
* Shiatsu Massage
* Usui Reiki
* Karuna-ki Reiki
* Pranic Crystal Healing
* Pranic Psychotherapy
* Deeksha Blessings
* Om Healing Circle
* Pranic Healing
* Crystal Healing
* Thai Massage  


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