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Cloudbound IT was brought to life by a team of IT Professionals whose goal was to cater for the home users, small businesses and enterprise level companies with a budget.

At Cloudbound IT we understand the vital role IT holds within a business model, therefor you can rely on our dedicated team of IT professionals to never leave you in the dark, always get back to you within timely fashion and treat your business as well as your wallets like it is our own.

Good and Reliable IT Services make all the difference in the world. At Cloudbound IT, we deliver a fast and efficient response to your IT requirements. We have you covered. Our experienced and friendly IT professionals make us the IT company of choice! We are the IT department you never had, thus saving you both on cost and overhead as we work independently while reporting to your management members of choice.

What We Do

Remote / Onsite Support

Our helpdesk offers both remote and onsite support. Whether you are traveling or situated in a fixed location, we can assist with your IT needs.

Website Design

Establish yourself online with a beautiful, professionally designed website by Cloudbound IT. First impressions lasts, have to right team in your corner!

Backup Solutions

With backup solutions ranging from onsite to cloud, we have you covered. Cover yourself, keep copies of your data as without it, your business has no future.

Network Design

Let the geeks map out your network. A secure and stable network is the foundation that your business needs.

Cloud Services

Cloud is the future, the future is now. From cloud backups to cloud phone systems and virtual servers hosted in Azure’s cloud. We do it!

Cyber Security

Be proactive, not reactive. Stop unwanted guests from penetrating your infrastructure and avoid the pain of disaster recovery.

Why choose us

All our clients are equally important, big or small.

We take honesty very seriously, which is why neither our technician’s, nor our sales team will take advantage of a computer illiterate customer.

We also encourage staff development, which is why we disclose the entire diagnostic process and explain to our clients what we did, why we did it and why it resolved a specific instance so that the next time they experience the same or a similar issue, they already know the resolution, thus saving their company on both time and money.

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Detail Oriented
  • Clear Communication
  • Fast Resolution Times

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