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As Trusted Advisors in financial management, we add value through increased profitability and wealth accumulation by following a holistic and innovative financial approach.


Why counteractive?

Wealth is not a coincidence, it’s a strategy

At its core, counteractive is an accounting firm driven by people who go the extra mile for you. We also have the vision to take you on a journey to create and accumulate sustainable wealth during the lifetime of your business. While counteractive was established in 2007, our collective expertise spans 81 years in more than 8 industry sectors. This means that your journey with us benefits from the tools you’ll need to create enduring wealth and profits in your company.

How do we help you accumulate wealth?

  • Planning for Your Personal Wealth
  • Precision in Structuring Your Business
  • Managing Your Business’s Profitability
  • Giving You Greater Control Over Your Finances
  • Helping You Manage Your Risk
  • Implementing a Sound Business Plan


  • Industry Knowledge & Expertise?

With deep industry knowledge and experience working with family-run businesses, we understand the importance of sustainability and your need for outsourced expertise in your team.

  • Holistic Approach to Business?

Our holistic approach considers every detail of your financial position and how each interacts with another.

  • Results Driven?

We are not solely focused on “the numbers game” but rather on following a holistic and innovative strategic approach for your business.

  • Growth Stimulators

To help you stimulate growth, we pre-assess your needs and objectives before establishing a holistic approach to achieve profitability and accumulated wealth in your business.

  • Client & Solutions Focused?

Our bespoke services are tailored to your specific needs to help you increase profitability and achieve wealth accumulation for yourself and your business.

  • We form a Partnership?

Working by our motto: “People working with people”, we provide superior services and build a long-term collaborative relationship with you.


Compliance and Advisory Solutions that grow your wealth

Nobody ever accumulated wealth by simply putting business numbers onto paper. Instead, wealth comes from knowing what your business financials mean, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your financial strategy, and implementing the right measures to ensure sustainable growth.

counteractive helps you to achieve exactly that.

We largely focus on two different needs every business has: Compliance and Advisory


As a business owner, you know the importance of taking care of your business finances and making sure your month-to-month and year-to-year data is accurate. We help you automate these processes with very little input required from you.

Our expert accountants have a combined expertise of 81 years to help you to master your accounting practices and habits and equip you for growth that leads to wealth accumulation.

  • Accounting

Always have unrivalled accounting expertise at your disposal.

  • Financial Statements

Ensure that your numbers make sense and guide you towards growth.

  • Income Tax

Increase your profit by becoming smart about your tax planning.

  • Payroll

Automate your payroll, so that your wealth leads to even greater wealth.

  • Secretarial

Great businesses make sure their business’s structure matches their profit goals.


While our expertise does cover all of your basic financial compliance and documenting needs, we excel at integrating your financial details into an actionable strategy. As problem solvers, we provide insight into the mechanisms that drive your business and provide you with an intuitive risk analysis and wealth accumulation strategy by way of our Signature Solution.

Our Signature Solution assesses 150+ distinct growth indicators to set you on course for sustained growth and profit to make wealth accumulation that much easier.

  • Personal Wealth

A wealth strategy that ensures your continued success is our priority.

  • Business Planning

How you go about planning your business is an essential part of a good wealth strategy.

  • Financial Control

The control you exercise over your finances is essential for sustained profit.

  • Risk Management

An unexpected event can interrupt your plans at any time; we help you to minimise its impact.

  • Business Structure Optimisation

The structure of your business matters and can be the key to unlocking maximum wealth.


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