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4 Little Lions Head Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, ,South Africa
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The EPICURE CLUB in Cape Town is a sex positive hotel — a 4-star boutique hotel & spa with a very naughty twist. We combine the best elements of

  • a sexy hotel
  • a discreet adult club
  • a BDSM club
  • a Spa
  • a sex club
  • swingers club

We call this synthesis an adult playground. A client has called this a Disneyland for adults. Note, that we are not a brothel, strip club or revue bar. Different from a gentlemen's club in South Africa, we do not have 100 exotic dancers. We do not even offer a lap dance. We should therefore not be compared with the Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club or one of the other strip clubs. Our venue is an exclusive safe space, where you can live out your fantasy and have your discreet adventure. We offer the most sensual nightlife in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Nudity and sex are allowed in all public spaces. No limits. No questions asked. No regrets. No shame.

If you would like to to travel to South Africa, and would like to indulge in a sex vacation in Cape Town, come and stay with us. High class entertainment and the alternative lifestyle are combined like nowhere else in the Western Cape. Party and play with those like you.

EPICURE is a private club. We are discrete and discreet. We play by our own rules. We host vanilla and non-vanilla events for consenting adults. Join us and be uninhibited. Express yourself. Indulge in fantasy, kink, consensual swapping and pleasures which open-to-the-public bars and restaurants prohibit.

Chill and interact with other singles and couples. Request a suite and take your experience to another level. Exciting sex is what you desire? We provide a classy adult playground, where you can take your playmate. Or come by yourself and find beautiful ladies. In either case, you will find exclusive style and superior service in Cape Town.

Many of us love a casual hookup. We welcome you to bring your partner, your secretary, your friend with benefits or Tinder date for an exclusive affair. Book a suite, relax and play. Stay as long as you like and conclude your date in style with a luxurious breakfast next morning. Leave with a smile, instead of the walk of shame!

Sex clubs are a dime a dozen. Nearly every city has one, but you probably won't want to spend time in most of them. The EPICURE CLUB is different, as we have a prime location with stunning views. Our boutique hotel rooms are tastefully decorated and do not exude the "charme" of your common rub & tug studio or brothel. We love sensuality, elegance and beauty. We cater to all kinds of deviant sexual behaviour. Our sex party is a great way to make new friends and spend an enjoyable evening in the company of like-minded people. We do not have our own escorts, but one of the local agencies like Escorts Cape Town will be happy to assist with a luxury companion.


We welcome you to try swinging, the ethical non-monogamy lifestyle without pressure, in our luxurious environment. We welcome couples, single ladies and single gentlemen at most events. We host:

Meet & Greet events, which are personal introductions over lunch, dinner or just a drink.

We host a high-class swingers party, which is open to experienced couples and newcomers alike. We curate and limit the quantity of single men at this event ensure the female-to-male ratio remains attractive for couples.

 Fantasy And Fetish

We all have a fantasy and our desires and kinks. Some fantasies should just stay that — a fantasy. Other fantasies should definitely be lived out and experienced. Come and create your safe experience and memories. Fetish like voyeurism or exhibitionism may be experienced in our safe space. BDSM is an integral part of our lifestyle.


We have a strictly enforced no-photo policy.

We do not have security cameras.

Discreetness and confidentiality are guaranteed. What happens at EPICURE, stays at EPICURE.


We guarantee a safe experience. Our executive protection team ensures the safety of all guests at our events, in particular the female guests.

Dress Code

Please note that we are a stylish establishment with a dress code. Right of Admission is reserved.



We love to party and we appreciate good food. We combine the two into a naughty dinner party. Our team arranges intimate dinners for small groups up to 14 guests. We invite celebrity chef's to cook for our guests. Scantily clad staff members serve the different courses of these gourmet meals. Food play and our scintillating service staff make these no-limit events memorable.

These events are available as an adult party or a swinger’s party. We often combine these events with introductions to BDSM. The Dark Baroness, our resident Pro Domme, loves to perform during these parties.


You could let a buddy arrange a bachelor party. Or hire a Concierge, who tries to assemble a great evening with reservations at various suitable venues. Unfortunately, the best friends are usually the least capable of organizing a great party. If you want to party hard, the more venues you visit, the more difficult it will be to have discreet fun.

If you have the means, the best solution to a great party is to let one specialized organization handle all aspects of your once-in-a-lifetime evening: The venue, the catering and the adult entertainment. EPICURE offers a unique service, at a unique venue. Our Private Club arranges discreet parties with very few limits.

Be a Legend. Create memories. Be the one who hosted the party, which friends only whisper about!


What is a stag night without ladies? The luxury companions are beautiful, sociable and communicative. Our companions love to party. You can incorporate BDSM into your party, or even request your own Dominatrix.


We combine the pleasure of the greatest cooks in Cape Town, with discreet adult entertainment. No matter if your desire is for Sushi, a classic South African Braai or exquisite French cuisine, we have catering partners who will turn your wishes into reality. Dine on site with lovely companions and enjoy the ultimate desert in privacy.

No Limit Parties

In addition to a party lounge with stunning views, and a garden with heated pool, EPICURE offers 5 lovely Suites which allow you to party without time limits. Enjoy your friends and our dedicated Companions as long as you like. Fall asleep in a luxurious bed, without leaving our secure premises. Wake up to a beautiful new day, and a smile from your Companion. Leave at your pace after enjoying a nice shower and a lovely breakfast. Wash, Rinse & Repeat.


EPICURE has contracted a Executive Protection company to provide our security. The security detail ensures the personal safety of all guests. If you decide to continue your journey into the Cape Town nightlife, this service can be extended until you are safely at your hotel or residence.

Discreetness & Confidentiality

Just because you party hard, you do not want your pictures in the tabloids. You may hire the complete venue for the ultimate privacy of your friends and business associates. EPICURE has a strictly enforced no-photo policy.

What Happens At EPICURE, Stays At EPICURE


Many people dream of joining an exclusive sex party, orgy, gang bang or swinger party. In fact, sex parties are some of the most frequently searched and viewed topics in internet pornography. Some people love window shopping. Others prefer to live out their fantasies. Why restrict yourself to viewing this type of porn on the internet? You could partake in one of our events and satisfy your sex addiction in the most elegant and classy environment.

If you go out in the Mother City, you might get lucky and end up getting laid. The probability is not high. Your chances will increase drastically, if you attend a venue or club that hosts sexy parties on a regular basis. EPICURE is an adult playground, where you can play anytime.

Pool party

We have a discrete location, with a heated saltwater pool. We love a good pool party. Pool party sex is very frequent here.

Orgy Party

Join one of our events. There are no limits to the size of the event. EPICURE is an adults only playground. Nonetheless, we are different than other group sex places. We will only host an exclusive sex party.

Party sex

Too much of the same gets boring. Tired of plain vanilla in your relationship? Spice up your sex life and enhance your relationship. Party sex may just be what the doctor ordered for the two of you.

Swinger Party

We host various types of adult parties, including a monthly, exclusive swingers party held on the first Saturday of every month. This high class event is limited to couples. We do do not accept single men at this particular event. A single man could ask a friend or a curious acquaintance, a single woman, to join him for one of these events. The two do not need to be in a relationship, but both should be attractive. The reason for this curation of our event is that we want to have an even male-to-female ratio. In our humble experience, this is the foundation for a great event, where everyone will have a splendid time.

Our team also hosts swingers’ parties where single men are welcome. Please study the event description carefully, so that you join the right event and do not end up disappointed.


We cohost fetish events with SubRosaDictum, the leading fetish event organizers in Europe. Our Kink Up series of productions are designed to take fetish, kink and BDSM events into the kinky mainstream of South Africa. International fetish stars give these events a glamour like the country has not seen before.

How to join sex party

Upmarket guests are welcome to join our events. Contact us at hello@epicure.club or +27 (74) 878 0000 to find out more.


Chances are that the EPICURE CLUB is different than any adult club you have ever experienced. The Club is an alternative lifestyle venue, developed from our own needs and desires. The probability is high that you will enjoy this symphony of gentlemen's club, swingers club, social club and boutique hotel too.

  • Members Only
  • Entertainment lounge with complimentary bar
  • Professional Martin Audio sound system
  • All drinks are free (included in membership fee)
  • A large tropical garden with stunning views promotes outside entertainment
  • Qualified masseuses provide sensual massages and couples massages
  • Numerous adult events
  • A heated salt-water pool for exquisite pool parties
  • A clothing-optional jacuzzi
  • Battery powered UPS for endless parties — even during load shedding
  • Elegant private suites for members to entertain and even stay overnight
  • Ability to bring your own playmate or escorts
  • Companionship through escort network partners
  • Complimentary personal care products from CHARLOTTE RHYS


  • Absolute discreetness and confidentiality - no surveillance cameras.
  • No-photo policy
  • No Amazon Echo or smart TV's which could record your conversations
  • Excellent security


If you are looking for a sexy hotel in Cape Town where hedonism, fetish, polyamory, swinging and nudism are normal, EPICURE might just be what you are looking for. Our 4-star adult only hotel, also described as an erotic hotel overseas, is one of the few nudity and escort friendly accommodations in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Simply put, we are the sexiest hotel in Cape Town. Ideal for a sex vacation...

Adults Only Hotel

Cape Town has around 1500 guest houses. Among these are several adults only hotels. We are the only one that allows nudity in public places. As a swinger hotel and nudist resort we foster interaction with other singles and couples. If you come to Cape Town on business or pleasure, choose the unusual and leave with fond memories.

Erotic Hotel

Our exciting adults only hotel offers private suites for our guests, who may stay for the day, the night or longer.

We are happy to arrange a sensual massage for individuals or a sensual massage for couples. We can also arrange high class playmates by appointment.

Unlike any other hotel in Cape Town, we host many adult events. For example, we host the classiest swingers parties, BDSM events and even an Erotic Dinner Party in Cape Town.


What Is A Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a beautiful yet exciting experience, in which one or two nude massage therapists provide a full body massage to a nude client or couple. The experience frequently includes a happy ending for the client(s), which results in feelings of bliss and absolute relaxation.

Erotic massage is a type of massage that focuses on the body's erogenous zones to create an intimate and pleasurable experience. It can be used as a form of foreplay, or as part of sexual activity. The goal is to stimulate the senses through touch, creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy between partners. The techniques used include kneading, stroking, rubbing, tapping and caressing with hands or other objects such as feathers or fur. Essential oils may also be used to enhance the experience. The benefits include increased relaxation, improved circulation, reduced stress levels and enhanced feelings of connection between partners.

Tantric Massage

Tantra massage, or tantric massage are two defined massages developed in Berlin in 1977. They are an erotic massage which incorporates elements from the neotantric movement of the Western world. The focus of this type of therapy are the primary erogenous zones of the body, those being the mouth, the phallus (penis), the vagina and the anus. Tantric massages are a form of therapy, which allows any kind of sexual exchange between the practitioner and the client.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is statistically speaking the most popular variation of sensual massage. It is a massage of the penis. The objective is not to make the client orgasm as quick as possible. To the contrary, the massage therapist should control the orgasm and prolong this therapy as long as possible — known as edging. Orgasm control can drive the client wild and is a lot of fun for the therapist too.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is the Indian term for the female organ of generation – the vagina. Yoni massage is a nude massage, in which the focus is on the vagina. Yoni massage is becoming more popular, as women become more emancipated. We expect this type of massage to show good growth in the near future.

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is an erotic technique from Japan. Imagine a kiddies pool filled with a water based gel made from Seaweed extract. The technique requires one or more Nuru masseuses to rub their body against the client's body, with both parties nude and covered with an odorless and colorless gel.

We do not provide this massage for hygienic reasons. The gel is organic, a mix of seaweed extract and water. Unless one adds a lot of antimicrobials, the water based gel is susceptible to microbial contamination. The Antimicrobial will have a negative effect on your skin — the opposite of what you want from an exciting massage experience. The gel, which is imported from Japan, is therefore single use only, which sends the costs of the consumables and the post massage cleanup skyrocketing.

The massages in South Africa which are offered as Nuru, do not meet the spirit of the original Japanese massage. Instead, they are nude body slides with baby oil or coconut oil.

GFE Massage

Our GFE Massage comes closest to the Japanese massage describe above. It is a fully nude experience performed with coconut oil instead of a seaweed extract gel. The masseuse provides body slides over the chest and genitals of the client and frequently assume a reverse cowgirl or 69 position. A true GFE Massage includes mutual touch.

The Benefits

All of these erotic massages provide physiological and psychological benefits. Please choose the one that meets your unique personal objectives.

We offer three different options for couples massages. You have the choice between one masseuse (female therapist), two masseuses or a combination of masseuse and masseur (male therapist). You can also split your massage into two individual sessions, where the partners are pampered in two individual suites. The choice is yours. So is the pleasure. Learn more here.

Intimate Massage for Couples

Our couples massage is an EPICURE experience developed to increase the intimacy among a couple. Our massage therapists provide the most luxurious, erotic experience for couples in Cape Town. You can even start your massage experience with a luxurious bubble bath and champagne.

You may choose between:

Single Masseuse

A single female masseuse will provide a sensual massage for him and her.

Typically, the massage starts with him and finishes with her.

As the couple receives a massage by one therapist, this sensual couples massage takes a minimum of 90 minutes.

We would classify this experience as the more sensual experience of the two.

Dual Masseuses and Masseurs

Two massage therapists, typically a female and a male, will provide a sensual massage for him and her.

The massage is performed in parallel, with the couple and the two therapists in one room, on a king size bed. Separate rooms are available upon request (surcharge).

As two massage therapists provide service in parallel, this erotic couple’s massage takes a minimum of 60 minutes.

We would classify this experience as the more erotic experience of the two. We love massaging couples. For this reason, we have created a dedicated page on the topic.

More Information

For more information or booking your experience call or WhatsApp 074 948 0000 or email hello@epicure.club.


Adult entertainment takes many forms. Kink, fetish and BDSM are just a few of them.

The EPICURE CLUB hosts a variety of lifestyle events. To be frank, we host the coolest kink and fetish parties in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

In our eyes, discipline usually leads to desire. Desires should be fulfilled. Sex is therefore not off-limits at our events.

Femdom may not be the place to start your journey. If you prefer it more tame, start with a sensual massage and grow from there.


If you are submissive or a switch, we can arrange a Dom or Dominatrix for you. The Dark Baroness is our resident Pro Domme. Contact us to submit to your Mistress.

If you are dominant or a switch, we can arrange a sub for you.

BDSM Dungeon

Our BDSM Club has a dedicated play room or dungeon. It is not your classic black and red, though. You will find the following at your disposal:

  • Submission Bed with restraints
  • Saint Andrews Cross (St. Andrews Cross)
  • Spanking table
  • Stocks
  • Truss Cross
  • Paddles
  • Riding crops
  • Whips
  • Straps
  • Bondage Ropes
  • Sex Swing
  • Wax play
  • A custom Queening Chair is on order

You can also discipline your sub  in one of our hotel rooms, at a bondage party in front of guests in the lounge, the pool, the jacuzzi, or in the woods. All of this is posible under the stars, or in bright sunlight. Our property is 2200m2 in area, so you should be able to find the right space just for you.

Size Matters

We are certain this headline will make you smile, especially given the context, but the simple reality is that the bigger the entertainment venue, the more difficult it becomes to ensure discreetness. A big club implies many people - the exact opposite of what you want if you require privacy and confidentiality. Our club is expansive, but we remain private and discreet.


This lifestyle has some rather strict rules. Even though we generally hate rules, these make a lot of sense in this lifestyle. We follow the High Protocol and expect all guests to do the same. Disregard the Protocol at your own peril.


EPICURE is located in a quiet Cape Town suburb, in a gated residential community. No only are we far from the crime encountered in some areas of the Cape Town CBD (city center), but we are far from prying eyes, photographers and paparazzi. If you require absolute confidentiality, a niche private club like EPICURE is your only adult entertainment option.

Discreetness And Confidentiality Are a Given

The concept of EPICURE was developed for the few who want to party without limits, yet must stay out of the tabloids. If your relationship status is not single, if you are in politics, if you are in the judiciary branch, or a VIP then EPICURE was developed for you.

Dedicated Security

EPICURE has their own security detail comprised of licensed and armed bodyguards. The protection of our valued Patrons and Companions is paramount. Unlike hiring an external security company, the safety and wellbeing of our patrons and companions provides job security for our team.

No-Photo Policy

This sex club strictly enforces the no-photo policy. Our organization does not publish pictures of our guests on social media like Facebook or Instagram. You also do not find pictures of our Companions on our website, Facebook or Instagram accounts. Like our Clients, our Companions demand and receive absolute discreetness and confidentiality.

Patrons and Companions may expect "What happens at EPICURE, to stay at EPICURE"

BDSM Events

Indulge in your passion by joining a play party. See epicure. Club/events for our next BDSM Party, bondage party, kinky events and femdom events.


If you have questions, please email hello@epicure.club, call 074 878 0000 or visit our website at epicure.club


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