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What makes us tick?

We are absolutely driven by passionate start-up and small business entrepreneurs!
Why? Because small business entrepreneurs have so much passion, but often aren’t always able to place that passion into action. This is where we come in!

Expansive Accounting (Pty) Ltd is an Accounting & Small Business Solutions Company which assists businesses of all levels from start-up to established companies.

We do not prioritise business and we do not hold preference. We not only believe but also understand that everyone has a start and a finish.

Therefore, we like to think of ourselves as being your all-inclusive in-house business solutions centre.

What sets us apart you may ask?

Simple. Expansive Accounting is the only accounting and small business solutions company that not only starts you up but equips you with your start-up, through our free value-added service of non- financial assistance and start-up business strategy that we provide with every company registration.

In addition, we provide a free value-added business consultation with every service. We provide this as we believe that when you have passion, we come on board with a plan of action, to turn that passion in action!

Expansive Accounting (Pty) Ltd will be providing:

Start-up to Small Business Consulting & Non-Financial Assistance 

Total: R300.00 per hour

Here we assist with:

  • Business Strategies
  • Growth Systems Implementation
  • Non-Financial Assistance
  • Cost Reduction Strategies

And so much more!

We usually recommend that this service be utilised once a term or quarter, as we provide a comprehensive business strategy that usually takes 3-4 months to implement so once a month sessions are not necessary.

A huge thank you to Connor Robertson for initiating this service.


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