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GeoSurv is a PLATO registered Engineering Surveying company, serving Landowners, Land buyers, Town Planners, Civil engineers, Architects, and Municipalities in the Western Cape.

Whether you need As-Built surveys for renovations, Topographic and Detail surveys for new designs or general Setting Out for construction, GeoSurv can provide you with a fast, professional and cost effective survey solution.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service at very competitive rates to meet your surveying needs. Using advanced technology in both our field instruments and computer software we can provide accurate and professional results every time.

Construction Surveying

Construction surveying is the translation of construction plans into physical points on the ground that can be used as a basis for the actual construction.

Engineering Surveying

Engineering surveying is defined as those activities involved in the planning and execution of surveys for the location, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of civil and other engineered projects.

Topographical Surveying

Topographical surveying is the stage where the elements of the site and immediate surroundings are recorded. In basic terms, sufficient points and lines must be recorded to allow a complete computer simulation of the ground surface.


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