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Giupetto and Son Restorers started in April 1990 when I repaired a huge round oaktable that nobody else wanted to repair, for John Keehn. The result was so fantastic that he exclaimed:" You brought the wood to life".Giupetto and Son Restorers were born as Giupetto brought Pinnochio to life with skill and craftmanship.

We strive to service our clients and their feedback a great reflection of our quality.


At Giupetto and Son Restorers we offer a wide range of services that will help turn your beloved furniture into the look and feel that you are after.


Custom wood finishing and refinishing. Wood furniture restoration. Touch up work.

It happens sometimes that someone knows that it could be better than it currently is. Those people come to Giupetto and Son Restorers.


Restoration and repair of family wood pieces. Fabrication of replacement parts. Touch up work.

We can restore your treasured family heirloom pieces to the state it deserves.


Restore antique furniture to its original state. Repair damaged furniture and restore. Touch up work.

Restoring an antique is a work of art. We can restore your historic pieces to a like-new condition, preserving the work of art against further deterioration.


Re-glue loose joints. Fabrication and replacement of missing parts. Upholstery services. Fire and water damage repairs. Complete re-build and re-glue.

Through use and deterioration furniture may sustain some relatively minor damage. We can bring it back to a condition where there is no longer any significant diminishment of either utility or beauty.



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