Halli Trust

7 Romulus Street, Somerset West, ,South Africa
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Halli Trust stands in the gap for our precious communities through education.

Our mission is to make an immeasurable difference in our communities through education and the creation of awareness.

Our vision is to see Halli Trust as a strong NPO with healthy finances and to spread our wings beyond the Helderberg area.

Our motto is to be grateful, faithful, humble, and honest. To have integrity, compassion and be transparent at all times. We want to serve our communities and make a quantifiable difference.


Educational Involvement

Halli, our cool Mascot is an 'Akita Japanese' dog. He is a fun and loving Mascot. Halli assists us with the various educational talks on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Halli visits are free of charge, but we do accept donations, going towards Halli Trust.

Community Involvement

We assess clients at their homes in the Helderberg area to establish the context of their circumstances. We determine the immediate need, to enable us to plan our assistance to the individuals and/or family. We assist in their physical and emotional needs for a short period.

Rehabilitation & Caring Of Animals

We promote the care of animals in our Helderberg area communities by educating the owners on the needs of animals and the owners' responsibilities. We also help finding homes for animals when owners cannot afford to keep them. We assist owners to sterilize their animals.

Needlework Club

Our needlework club is to empower women through a sisterhood to learn a new skill and to earn an income simultaneously.

Halli Clubs

We have two Halli Clubs for children aged between 8 and 10 years old. One takes place in Smartie Town, Macasser & another in Asanda Village, Somerset West.

Halli Leaders

The Halli Leaders Club starts with children who shows leadership skills and remains part of the Halli Leaders Club from the age of 11 to 18 years. Our vision is to ensure that we invest in children who want to go out and bring change through leadership within their their individual communities. Thereby building leaders from a young age.



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