Hypnotist Leon West

Strand, ,South Africa
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A new dynamic way to gain repute with your audience

All successful events have something in common: entertainment that is memorable and humorous. The Leon West Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show sets your event apart from all other events with dynamic, innovative, quality entertainment and audience involvement. It's like no other program available, anywhere.

Big laughs unite corporate audiences

You get a unique show corporate audiences rave about. Sharing a laugh unites organizations and stimulates morale. The positive experience of The Leon West Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show puts a smile on the face of your organization.

See your audience participate

Your show involves your audience and makes them the stars of the show! The participants are always treated with respect and appreciation. In fact, they have the most fun of everyone! Leon West’s dynamic personality and uncanny ability to use hypnosis in a fun, non-threatening way relaxes and involves everyone.

Attend your event relaxed and confident

Take the worry out of planning your event. Feel secure knowing you are presenting a proven program that has been a huge success with corporations and associations.

Leon West creates an environment that is positive and enlightening.

Your guests will laugh, cheer and talk about their experience for a long time to come.

You receive a show, not just an entertainer

One of the best kept secrets of Leon West’s success is that every show features Elaine assisting in all capacities on stage. Elaine’s technical help allows Leon to focus on what you really care about - entertaining your audience! She assists with production, sound and staging expertise. Together Leon & Elaine West team up for an audience pleasing show that is complete, well-timed and smooth flowing.

Your Guests will:

  • Laugh
  • Participate
  • Cheer
  • Talk about your program for months


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