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At iSimplifi we believe this is the secret to making it easier for clients to use and understand their computers.

iSimplifi Microsoft Training

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Excel

iSimplifi Group Training

  • Having employees who know how to do things properly will make your company more efficient, cutting business IT support costs and streamlining business processes.

  • Additionally, the right software training can reduce frustration and increase productivity amongst your staff. There’s nothing worse than wrestling with a computer to make it do what you want – especially when it might only take a brief training session to learn how to do it.

  • We use Skills Lists to assess the IT skills your employees need before any training takes place. This allows us to zoom in on their specific needs.

iSimplifi Personal Training

  • We train clients behind their own computers on a one-on-one basis from basic to more advanced computer skills.

  • Although we can do complete courses, we prefer to zoom in on the client’s specific needs. This allows us to give a client the best value for money.

  • We provide the client with user friendly notes on everything that we teach so the client has something to refer back to.

  • We also provide a telephonic service where, if they are busy with what we taught them, and they get stuck they can call us and one or two hints would sometimes be all they need to carry on.

At iSimplifi we believe this is the secret to making it easier for clients to use and understand their computers: find the core of a task, explain and demonstrate it in simple, user-friendly terms and leave the client with understandable notes on how to accomplish the task on his/her own. The last bit… allow them to pick up the phone and call if assistance is needed.

We are passionate about equipping people with information that will help them move from frustration behind the computer to “Yes, I can do this!”

Simply put, we are about simplifying! Bit by bit

The iSimplifi Basics Books will make the time behind your computer easier and much more fun.

The information in these booklets is taken from many years of working with clients on a one-on-one base and finding the same questions popping up again and again. Our aim is to provide information that will help you simplify basic things on your computer and thereby minimizing frustration behind the big C!

What’s in it for you?

  • Each book covers only one IT topic.

  • Each exercise in the book is accompanied by a picture of what the end result should look like.

  • Each exercise has detailed step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the end result.

  • The detailed instructions are followed by keyword instructions to help you master your newly-found skills quickly and easily.




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