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25 Alphen Street, Strand, 7130 ,South Africa
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JSP (Akkedissie) Driving School

JSP Driving School, also known as Akkedissie, which operates under the same name as Akkedissie Self Catering and is run by the owner, Juliana van Zyl. Akkedissie Driving School has been in operation for 25 years and offers training in obtaining code 8 and 10 motor vehicle licenses. Learners license assistance is prvided for code 8, 10, 14 and motor cycles. It's our mission to train learners in the shortest possible time to the level that is required by the authorities.Driving and learners license classes are presented in Stellenbosch, Strand, Somerset West and Gordonsbay. Should the drivers test be at a testing station other than the above mentioned, they can be accommodated at an arranged tariff.

JSP Driving School (Akkedissie) is registered with SAIDI (South African Institute for Driving Instructors). JSP Driving School (Akkedissie) Instructor's are well trained and have the required Instructor Certificate's.

JSP Driving School (Akkedissie) maintains a very high passing rate. Get your license quickly and save money!

The K53 driving licence test

Light and heavy motor vehicles and motorcycle

Purpose and conditions
This is a practical driving test to determine the ability of aspirant motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders.

The driving test measures a driver's proficiency in:
  • handling the vehicle
  • obedience to traffic rules
  • road signs
  • traffic signals and surface markings
  • correct application of the K53 defensive driving system through all aspects of the test
  • coping with traffic problems in practical driving situations
You may not do the driving test in a light motor vehicle that is less than 3 m in length.

During the test, smoking and the use of cellular phones are not allowed.

What the test covers

Light and heavy motor vehicle test:
  • A pre-trip inspection of the vehicle's roadworthiness.
  • A yard test of your basic manoeuvring skills, away from traffic:
  • Starting the engine;
  • Moving off;
  • Turning around in the road: 'three-point-turn' (light vehicles only);
  • Alley docking: reversing into an alley, and driving out again;
  • Parallel parking (light vehicles only);
  • Stopping and moving off on an incline;
  • Left turn (light vehicles if towing a trailer, and heavy vehicles); and
  • Reversing in a straight line (light vehicles if towing a trailer, and heavy vehicles).
  • A road test conducted on public roads carrying traffic, including the following situations where available:
  • Obeying traffic signals;
  • Changing lanes;
  • Overtaking;
  • Speed control;
  • Turning left and right at intersections;
  • Proceeding through an intersection;
  • Uncontrolled intersections;
  • Obeying yield signs and traffic lights;
  • Stopping in traffic;
  • Stopping at a stop sign;
    • A traffic circle;
    • A railway level crossing;
    • A pedestrian crossing;
  •  Entering a freeway;
  •  Leaving a freeway;
  •  Passing a freeway off-ramp and on-ramp;
  •  Overtaking on a freeway; and
  •  An emergency stop.


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