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Litson provides professional outcomes-based aviation safety training courses. Each course is designed so that course participants leave the course with the knowledge to 'do the job'.


When COVID started L&A changed to offer a limited variety of only virtual 'open' training courses.  This form of training has become very popular and we have continued to successfully hold our courses in this manner the year.  All our classes are presided by a highly experienced instructor who is in attendance at all times for a true 'in-classroom' experience.  Our courses are full-day 2-5 days courses.  Please click on to view the full list of courses offered including the course schedule for the remainder of the year.  NB: RPAS and UAV companies are included and their delegates welcomed on our courses.

Litson specialises in providing in-house training both locally and abroad, with highly experienced instructors who are experts in their specific fields. In-house training courses ensure that the training is relevant to that specific company personnel’s working environment.  All our available training courses can be provided as in-house corporate courses and with the easing of COVID travel restrictions, we are ready to assist you!


  • MINIMUM 5 students per course, MAXIMUM 10
  • Course registrations close 7 days prior to course commencement
  • Courses will be postponed should there be an insufficient number of delegate bookings
  • Payments made for postponed courses will be reimbursed in full
  • All bookings are to be made via the L&A online booking system - click the Aviation Training button on the home page and follow the prompts
  • Invoices will be sent on receipt of an online booking registration
  • Full payment is due prior to course commencement
  • Cancellation under 7 days prior to course commencement/'no show' – 100% course fee payable
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)  
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)  
  • Aviation Lead Auditor 
  • Co-ordinator Occupational Health & Safety (COHS) 
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)  
  • Occurrence Investigation  
  • Safety Emergency Procedures Training (SEPT)   
  • Quality Management Systems & Auditing (QMSA)  
  • Incident and Accident investigation

SAFETY MANAGMENT SYSTEMS: The central core of L&A activities is Safety Management Systems (SMS), simply because if an Operator has a fully functional SMS, the Risk in flight operations will be reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). We offer professional SMS implementation assistance to aircraft and airport Operators to enable an Operator to implement a simple bespoke system to which can be used on a daily basis.


eSMS-S™, and the newly launched eSMS-S™LITE, which is geared to small companies with 1 - 100 users, is our secure, web-site based SMS-Simplified system, making the implementation of SMS not only simple but most importantly, cost-effective.  Sign up for an annual eSMS-S™ or eSMS-S™LITE system and begin to see the benefits to your company, including that it your system will contain SMS information with both passive and active Tools. To mention just a few of the features:

  • Stores all Master documentation – policies/procedures/checklists/forms - the system produces a Master list of Manuals
  • File accident/incident/hazard/bird strike reports and send them via the system to others for comment and reply. They can be closed out and filed in the system
  • Raise an Agenda for a Safety Meeting and write the Minutes during the meeting via the system so that the Minutes are complete before you leave the meeting
  • Plan Emergency Response Exercises – and once complete the system stores a history of ER Exercises
  • Conduct Risk Assessments and Safety Cases
  • Manage the major changes in your company (Management of Change is an SMS requirement)
  • There is a Currency Management System in place - like your pilot currency board 
  • An Audit Tool to assist compile audit reports
  • There is a communication system including:
    • a Red Tag system
    • a Safety Newsflash system
    • Because the system is web-site based, you can access the system and all your data and documentation from anywhere in the world.
Simple to use, affordable, and with a full time help desk to assist with initial and ongoing training for all employees - this is a free service for the duration of your contract.

Please contact for further enquiries.



Many Operators have heard of SMS and are aware that SMS is being mandated around the world by aviation authorities, for Air Operators and also for Airports. However, to many, SMS is still a mystery.

L&A is able to provide advice with regard to the implementation of SMS in your Operation. We advocate a number of simple-to-understand steps toward resolving complex safety issues in line with modern SMS principles.  The elements of the Safety Management System promoted by Litson and Associates are based on sound internationally accepted, fundamental SMS principles and are designed to give Operators tools to use on a daily basis.


ADVISORY SERVICES offered by Litson & Associates:

L&A provide the most professional aviation safety and quality advice to aircraft & airport Operators and resource industry Clients in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries. 

Should companies be concerned that they may have gaps in their management systems, L&A are able to carry out an Operational and Technical Assessment of the organisation to identify gaps in their structures, systems, policies, procedures and practices.

An Assessment of this nature could be considered a ‘friendly audit’ and L&A will work with the operator to identify any gaps (Findings) found and make suggestions (Recommendations) regarding the manner in which these gaps can be corrected (the Corrective Action Plan).

A comprehensive drafted report then follows, identifying not only the Findings and Recommendations, but also making Observations on any issues, often complimentary, that are noteworthy, as is is always good to know that a chosen work practice is regarded as positive.

Contact L&A for an unbiased Operational and Technical safety assessment of your Operation and move forward with confidence!

SAFETY REVIEWS on behalf of non-aviation Clients

Oil & gas or resource sector companies sometimes need to use an Aircraft Operator for fixed wing or rotary wing, on-shore or off-shore work.  L&A regularly conduct Operational and Technical Safety Reviews internationally on behalf of Clients such as oil & gas and mining companies and for VIP clients requiring the use of aviation service providers.

Litson was the first accredited FSF BARS Audit Company and carried out the first BARS audits globally and their knowledge of the BARS audit process is second to none.

L&A has also developed its own comprehensive global aviation Standards and is able to offer these Standards to clients such as VIPs and the tourism industry for example, who are not operating in the oil & gas and resources sectors.

Regional airlines, corporate jet, on-shore and off-shore helicopter and geological survey operators have all been reviewed by L&A  Aviation Advisors in recent years, in countries such as Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Russia and throughout Africa. L&A will provide you with peace of mind that you have chosen the correct potential air service provider - call us!



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