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Martin gave small office space to his wife at the back of his first business, Penny Shop, only to bring in an extra income. Within a few months, Martin’s Funerals expanded drastically, causing them to close Penny Shop to cope with the demands of Martin’s Funerals.

Through the grace of God, the company relocated to premises in 1stStreet, Randfontein, which also consisted of a single long office, but this time it included a small kitchen. At this stage, there were enough funds saved to build a cooling facility on their farm, outside Randfontein.

Through private funerals and a number of contracts awarded to Martin’s Funerals, they were able to accumulate enough funds to purchase vehicles and other equipment, which were all paid for in cash. They employed more staff; general workers, agents, and even a cleaner for the office!

The business expanded at a rapid pace, and they turned to God for premises suitable for their business needs. To the astonishment of many, God gave 21 Fedler Street, Randfontein, today the official place of business for Martin’s Funerals Franchising (Pty) Ltd) to them, at the price, He promised!

These premises covered all their requirements. It included a reception area, three arrangements offices, three administration offices, a kitchen, a cooling facility for +/- fifty bodies, three storerooms, seven double garages, two imported hearses, corpse removal trailers, family cars and a security office, with enough space for a parking area and expansion left!

Martin’s Funerals Franchising (Pty) Limited have contracts with various mining groups, burial societies and insurance companies.

The company soon grew from one office in Randfontein to a group with 165 outlets countrywide, and still growing!

Martin’s Funerals is a company dedicated to its clients. They are always available to all who request their services and treat them with lots of love and compassion.

All at Martin’s Funerals pride themselves on a reputation as a caring and professional concern. Martin’s Funerals cater for the needs of the individuals, families and bigger groups.

Martin’s Funerals consists of a nationwide network of franchises and outlets, striving to deliver a high standard of service, identifying them as a leading force in the funeral industry.


Traditional Funeral

A funeral is an act to bury a deceased person in a cemetery or place of interment.

Depending on the religion or tradition the actual burial can take place within 24 hours after death or some cases even a week or two after the death took place.

There are many ways that a traditional funeral can take place and is guided by the religion or tradition of the specific ethnic/religious group involved. A few examples will follow:

These “guidelines” are all determined by the religion or the ethnic tradition of the loved one.

In the first situation, the loved one is taken by the funeral parlour assisting with the burial, in a casket to the home of the deceased the night before the service takes place. This allows the family and mourners the time to have a night vigil where the deceased can be viewed for the last time and religious/traditional rites can be performed.

The next morning a sermon or memorial service can be held at home, church, or venue as a tribute to the loved one.

This can include multiple sermons or services relating to religion or ethnic traditions. (In some cases, the loved one will only be brought to the home on the day of the burial where similar actions will take place.)

After the sermon or memorial service, the mourners will leave to the cemetery or place of internment where a short service or traditional/religious acts can be performed before the actual internment takes place. After the internment, the mourners will normally move to a venue where refreshments will be served, and the mourners will celebrate the life of the deceased.

Funeral Cover

Why do you need a funeral plan?

The death of a loved one is an event that all of us is likely to experience during our lifetimes, often on numerous occasions.

The only adequate precautionary measure that can be taken to avoid financial strain when it does happen is to have a funeral plan.

It is worth bearing in mind that funerals are particularly costly events that can cause financial strain for your family.

Taking out funeral insurance can help deal with this cost, giving everyone peace of mind should the worst ever happen.

How much does funeral insurance cost?

We have affordable funeral plans available for funerals, cremations and transport.

When should I think about taking out funeral insurance?

Applying for a funeral insurance policy is something you might not think about until later in life, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it earlier.

It is usually possible to sign up for funeral insurance as young as 18.

In some cases, people only think about funeral insurance after they have suffered a loss.

Who can I cover with the funeral plan?

We have funeral plans for individuals and families. Our family plans comprise of a main member, spouse and up to six children.

We also provide for extended family members (aunts, uncles and friends) that can be added to your policy.

We also provide funeral plans for pensioners

Please ask us for advice and we will gladly advise you and make recommendations that suit your individual needs.

Pre-Planned Funerals

What is a Pre-Planned funeral

It is a funeral or cremation service that can be purchased in advance. Your wishes are documented in a written contract and paid for at today’s prices so your loved ones don’t have to pay any additional costs.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Planned service?

Our clients have the opportunity to arrange and pay for their service at today’s price. This takes the burden off your loved ones and allows your family and friends to focus on the personal aspects of the service rather than financial concerns. It also eliminates emotional overspending. You can make all your choices now, and fix the price at today’s cost. It means real peace of mind for you and your family.

What does a Pre-Planned service include?

It is designed to reflect your wishes and therefore can include whatever you wish.

Who keeps my money?

Pre-payments are held in a trust account, your money remains yours and is only accessible to Martin’s Funerals at the time of your passing.

Can I pay in instalments?

There are two ways to make payment. You can pay in one lump sum or it can be paid over a three (3) month period.

What if I move to another town or province?

We have 170 branches countrywide, so where ever you go we will be able to assist you. However, please keep in mind that prices cannot be guaranteed as there are some cost differences in different areas.



When we lose a loved one, it is one of the most traumatic events in our lives. Especially when it happens in a place away from home.

We understand the importance of assisting family members during a time of loss.

With our network of franchises throughout South Africa and with representation in all 9 provinces Martins Funerals will arrange transportation of your loved one where the need arises.

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days.
  • We guarantee the transport of the deceased to their final resting place.
  • We assist with all the legal documentation (required by law) to make the necessary funeral arrangements such as the death certificate etc.


  • If you have sadly lost a loved one in death but would like their final resting place to be somewhere abroad, we can help you to arrange this.
  • Repatriation services are something that we specialise in, it is a service where we arrange global transportation of the remains of the deceased body/ashes back home.
  • We repatriate via road or air to neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia or Mozambique.
  • We also assist families do the importing of mortal remains to South Africa.
  • We obtain all the legal documentation (required by law), certificates and permits as well as embalming that is required before the repatriation can take place.
  • We have 25 years of experience in the industry, so we know exactly what procedures, requirements and legislation need to be considered.
  • You can be sure of us to arrange for the safe delivery of the remains of your loved one whether abroad or back to South Africa.


Exhumation is the act where a body is removed from a grave and relocated to a new grave. There will not always be a re-burial as the remains may be cremated. Martin’s Funerals are experienced in exhumations and have done many projects for individuals, government and corporate entities. Permission must be obtained before an exhumation from:

  • Premier of the Provincial Government
  • The Council
  • Provincial Department of Health
  • Administrator of Cemeteries
  • Council’s Medical Officer of Health

 The following terms in accordance with the Removal of Graves and Dead Bodies Ordinance, Ordinance 7 of 1925 must be adhered to at all times.

  • The Commissioner of the Municipal Police service must be informed by the person executing the exhumation.
  • Graves older than 60 years or unknown will need approval from the South African Heritage Resource Agency.
  • Exhumations of these graves are to be done under the supervision of accredited archaeologist.
  • To get the permits from the Provincial Government and SAHRA for unknown graves there should be a full public Participation/Social consultation process recorded. This includes:
  • Newspaper ads in three local and provincial newspapers for a period of 30 days for response
  • The Council
  • On site notices for a period of 60 days
  • Door to door family interviews.

 Once all permits and permissions are obtained a registered Undertaker will be needed to do the re-burials.


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