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The Move 100 in 40 project is an effort by artist, Ian Yallop to paint and sell 100 elephant paintings in 40 days. All the paintings are one off, numbered works and sold online at a fixed price (including delivery), apart from work No. 1 of 100.

Work No. 1 of 100 will be auctioned off on the website to the highest bidder, with no minimum reserve set, over the 40 day period that the website will be live.

One third(33%) of the proceeds, after project costs generated from all of the works sold will be donated to Elephant Whispers elephant sanctuary in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa for them to utilise in the numerous elephant conservation and rehabilitation programs they are affiliated with.

  • 1 artist
  • 100 paintings
  • 40 days
  • 1 good cause

 About the Artist

Born near East London on the rugged South African East coast (also known as the Wild Coast) in 1972, Ian Yallop began having powerful visions as a young boy of capturing scenes of his adulthood as a fine artist. Despite his desire to be a Rock star, he could not deny his inclination towards the fine arts and painting specifically. Ian sketched as a child and finally traded his drawing pencil for a paint brush as a teen, at which time his family moved to Mbombela (formerly Nelspruit), the major urban centre outside of the Kruger National Park and the capital of the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa.

His father forbade him from having paint in the house (“no one can make a respectable living as an artist, you must be an engineer”), but Ian stole painting sessions in the middle of the night, while the rest of the house slept.

At 18, Ian’s first painting was sold. At 20, he began to pursue painting as a career subsidising his works by creating chalkboard displays for local businesses. Ian was then commissioned by the Kruger National Park to paint the “Legendary Seven” and the “Magnificent Seven” (the largest tuskers) at the park’s elephant museum. He also taught high school students art for three years and has offered private art courses for over a decade.

His fist real big break came a few years ago, when Richard Branson recognized Ian’s immense talent and purchased a number pieces for his newly acquired Ulusaba Lodge in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve outside of Kruger National Park.

With a few solo exhibitions in Namibia & South Africa under his belt, Ian spent the next few years furiously painting & exhibiting throughout the West Coast of the United States for 10 years while holding down a job as a gourmet chef in Portland, Oregon.

Now back in Cape Town, South Africa, Ian has started mastering his favourite new medium namely, ink on skin or tattoo art and already has a loyal and growing following and customer base to boot.

Wild at heart with a deep love for the African bushveld where he grew up, this project speaks to his constant yearning to be free and to conserve the freedom, conservation, and protection of African wildlife he loves so much.



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