The Barnyard School

555 Annandale Road, Stellenbosch, ,South Africa
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The Barnyard School was founded in 2008. Over the years we developed and refined our school structure in such a way that each child is developed holistically. Not only do we provide a loving and safe environment, but also a stimulating and inviting atmosphere. We encourage children to explore their surroundings and to learn new skills. We present a well developed curriculum across all ages which includes activities to develop fine and big motor skills, stimulate cognitive, language and emotional development and further the child's creativity. This being said, we never forget that young children learn and develop through structured and free play. School should be fun after all!

Full tummies and healthy bodies are fundamental to a child's development. That is why we provide four meals every day. Cooked porridge in the morning, fresh fruit and yoghurt for snack, a cooked meal with fresh veggies, a protein and starch for lunch (beef, chicken or fish) and a yummy freshly baked muffin or oat crunchie for an afternoon snack. On Friday's we have free range, organic scramble eggs with brown bread, fruit snacks, a fun food for lunch (hamburgers, hotdogs, vetkoek or ham and cheese sandwiches) and a freshly baked afternoon snack. To keep our children hydrated, we provide warm rooibos tea with honey in winter, iced rooibos tea in summer, hot chocolate once a week for a treat. Fresh borehole water will always be available on the playground.



The Barnyard School is offering an exciting and safe aftercare facility as parents who work fulltime need a safe and secure place for their children to go to while at work. The Barnyard school opened its doors in 2008 and is currently offering a day care and pre-school facility to children from 3 months to Grade R as well as an aftercare service. Our staff is qualified and we are registered with the Department of Social Development. We also do have our Health and Safety certificate for our school kitchen where all meals are prepared.

Operating hours
The aftercare facility at Rhenish will be open every day of the week. We will not be open during weekend events and holidays. The facility will open from school closing time (depending on the grade) until 17h30.


The aftercare facility will operate from the two temporary buildings on the Rhenish school premises, which means easy and safe access for learners to and from sport and other extra mural activities. The aftercare area will be fenced in, offering access control to learners, parents, guardians and authorised people.

We will also have a class for homework purposes and another for playing and having lunch.


We will provide a balanced meal every day. Meals will be prepared at the Barnyard School kitchen by our full time chef. Fresh meals will be delivered to Rhenish daily. A juice will be provided with every meal. Fresh cold water will always be available.

An extra afternoon snack will be provided at 15:00.

We will provide a summer and winter menu. Term 1 and 4 will follow the summer menu and term 2 and 3 the winter menu. Each cycle has 4 different weekly menus. We thus offer 16 different weekly menus . Please see example of one of our menus.

Homework and Supervision

A teacher will assist the learners across all grades with their homework.
A minimum of 2 staff members will always be on outside duty to supervise the learners. In the afternoons learners must be signed out by parents and/or authorised people to ensure the safety of especially the little ones. There will be at least four Barnyard staff members at the aftercare facility at all times.

School hours:
Early drop-off at waiting class 07h00
Official school open time 07h30
Half day pick-up 13h00
School close 17h30


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