Ojiji Shade Systems

Cape Town, ,South Africa
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OJIJI is a West African word meaning shadow. For the Yoruba people, shade represents sanctuary and is an essential feature of any home or gathering space. Deep expressions of resilience and joy manifest in fashion, personal adornment, dance, poetry and music.

This is the spirit of Ojiji.

OJIJI designs solutions to enhance your experience of the spaces you spend time in.

Choosing OJIJI represents your appreciation for practical beauty and sound investment.

Technical, practical and delivering a unique aesthetic, our systems compete with the best in the world, and win.

Thank you for joining us in pursuing our design ethos of practical innovation.



Conventional roller blinds up to 3200mm wide or 3000mm high depending on fabric type and hardware.

Larger roller blinds also supplied with tube size 100mm to span large windows up to 6000mm wide or triple volume up to 8500mm high.


Venetian blinds are easy to install and affordable. This popular blind type offers a modish tidy look with the choice of maximum privacy when all slats are closed.

A suitable option for all your windows, venetian blinds comes in an assortment of styles and custom made-to-measure sizes to satisfy any home or office décor need.


A practical and sensible alternative to fabric curtains and blinds, shutters offer varying degrees of light control and can be configured to best suit the space and function of the area, whether installed on doors, windows or used as a room divider.


Wall-mount or free-standing pergola structures with retractable canvas roof for residential or hospitality applications to enlarge the usable outdoor area. Unlock residential property value or increase commercial revenue by utilising outdoor space more productively.


Special side guide channels locks the fabric in place to perform well in wind and eliminate any gap between fabric and guide where light and wind would otherwise enter.


Roller shutters can be installed inside a building for a wide variety of applications, the most popular of which is to create a safe haven in case of home invasion or burglary. Our shutters are custom designed and manufactured for each project ensuring custom utility.


Using top-grade, easy to clean PVC as well as satin touch spools and cassettes, the COVID-19 hygiene screen delivers on function and aesthetic.


OJIJI FINANCE brings your vision to life by enabling access to up to   R150 000 for your project. CLICK HERE to apply for this facility in partnership with Homefin.


OJIJI DESIGN strikes to the heart of a leading project killer - spiralling costs. Clear cost projections, mock-up designs and scenario planning is core to the OJIJI DESIGN offering.




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