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Established in 1985, Palm Wheel Alignment specializes in front & rear alignment, on all makes of cars, as well as minor accident damaged suspensions. Your wheel alignment will be corrected and manipulated in such a way that will ensure optimum stability and longevity of your tyres. Correct wheel alignment also offers lower fuel consumption and ensures easier handling of the vehicle. Before the alignment process is started, all suspension parts which affect the stability of the vehicle are thoroughly inspected, and if needs be, replaced. We also offer, on car, high speed balancing and a 10 000 km warranty is confidently offered on all wheel alignments done.

Our services also include: Tie Rod Ends, Shocks, Brakes, CV Joints & Bushes, Ball Joints, Control Arms, Press & Fit Bearings and Steering Racks.

We are open on Saturdays on a Cash Only basis and all Senior Citizens qualify for a 10% discount (any day of the week).

Extended Service for Business Vehicles

Palm Wheel Alignment is now offering an extended service for business vehicles ensuring that your business vehicles are not neglected and kept in a good condition. If you decide to make use of this service, we will enter your business' vehicles into a database which we will use to monitor the condition of the vehicle’s wheel alignment, suspension and tyres. If there are any other problems with the vehicle that you are aware of, you can notify us and we will outsource the service for you, making and keeping your business vehicles in a good working condition hassel-free!

Some of the Spare Parts on Offer are

Steering rack: Power / Manual

Steering rack mounting Rubbers

Rack Ends

Rack Boots

Steering Knuckle

Tierod ends inner

Tierod ends outer

CV Joint/ Boot Inner

CV joint / Boot Outer

Ball Joints Upper

Ball Joints Lower

Bushes L C Arm inner

Bushes L C Arm Outer

Bushes U C Arm Inner

Bushes U C Arm Outer


Idler Arm /Pitman arm

Shackle Bushes

Gearbox Mounting

Engine Mounting

Stabiliser Links

Stabiliser Half moon rubbers

stabilisert rond ones x8

Caster Arm Bushes

Shock Mountings

Shocks Front

Shocks Rear

Wheel Bearings Front ABS /Hub unit

Wheel Bearings Rear  ABS /Hub unit

Tyres SIZE

Universal Bearing

Center Bearing

Brakes Pad Front

Brake Pads Rear


Drum -(Holes)

Disks Front / Rear

Wheel Alignment Front /Rear


Any Missing part



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Saturday : 7:30 am - 12:30 pm