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Debt Review Benefits

  • Pay Only What You Can Afford
  • We Negotiate With Credit Providers
  • Be Able To Afford Living Expenses
  • Keep Your Assets While Paying Less
  • Full Legal Protection
  • Dedicated Whatsapp to a Debt Counsellor

Our services

Debt Review

  • Pay what you can afford. Your debt repayments and interest rates are drastically reduced.
  • No further legal action taken by your credit providers – keep your assets safe from repossession.
  • A personalized budget is created for you to ensure you can afford your monthly expenses.

Debt Counselling

  • Instalments reduced by up to 65%, worked out according to your unique financial position.
  • Get complete financial relief and keep your assets. In addition, our dedicated team will make sure you are legally protected.
  • No adverse listings by creditors on credit bureaus, no legal action. Also, no new Summonses and Judgements.

Debt Consolidation

  • Combine your instalments into one reduced payment, worked out according to what you can afford.
  • Regain financial freedom without paying more than you should.
  • Be debt free in 60 months or less.

Our Debt Review Process

Debt Assessment

Firstly, a Debt Counsellor will do a thorough assessment and establish if you qualify for debt review.

Placed Under Debt Review

If you are found to be over-indebted, you will be placed under Debt Review. You will also be given an interim payment amount.

Notifying Credit Providers

We will notify your creditors and the Credit Bureaus that you have been placed under Debt Review.

One Consolidated payment

We now restructure your monthly debt payments into one single, affordable payment plan.

The Process is Now Finalized

To protect you further, your new payment plan becomes an order of court. Your credit providers now restructure your accounts.

Why Us

Sandton Debt Counselling is a “fighting” company, and we do not just give up. We always make sure that our clients get the best service in the industry and also the best legal protection. Our company is well known in the Debt Review industry and we are very proud to rank as one of the top companies on We have helped thousands of people throughout the years, and the experience and compassion our Debt Counsellors have, shines through.

Our application process is very easy and our assessments quite accurate. So no big surprises down the line. All you need to do is, give us a call or complete the “Call Me Back” form. We will take care of the rest.

No one should have to have sleepless nights because of debt. Since the introduction of the National Credit Act, all South Africans have the right to be treated fairly and with respect. Our debt experts will assist you straightaway. As soon as we receive your application, you will be safe from credit providers and further legal action.

In short, while you undergo Debt Counselling, you will be fully protected against credit providers. During the time you will be paying reduced payments and interest rates, tailored to your specific situation. Our Debt Counsellors will make sure that you can afford the payment and also ensure that you have enough money left to pay for your day to day expenses.



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