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Sanguine means to be cheerfully optimistic, spontaneous, light-hearted, confident, enthusiastic and passionate with a healthy blush on the skin. And that is what we aim to achieve at Sanguine.

Sanguine Spa started in 2009 as an intimate home-based spa in Wilderness. The foundation for Sanguine Spa has always been to pamper clients with quality treatments at affordable rates. The spa and its only therapist, the owner, quickly became very popular and loved by clients and visitors for the quaint location and personalized treatments with massage forming the core of each treatment.

By the end of 2011 the Sanguine brand extended to an education and training centre in George. A receptionist was appointed with the same passion for the client service industry and we managed to transfer the Sanguine vision to students.

In 2014 Sanguine moved into its new premises in George and the Spa and College was now under one roof with awesome new spa therapies to offer! With an extra therapist, Sanguine Spa and College was growing due to our diligent focus on client relaxation, pampering stressed clients and offering a spa experience.

Now, in 2018, Sanguine Spa has 4 full time therapists and a team leader while Sanguine College has 2 full time lecturers. All staff are handpicked to ensure quality personalized treatments. Just like the treatments that made Sanguine beloved 9 years ago!

  • Cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, happy and confident
  • Sanguine people are boisterous, bubbly, chatty, social extroverts
  • Having a warm, passionate, cheerful temperament and a healthy complexion
  • Synonyms for sanguine
    • - cheerful
    • - confident
    • - enthusiastic
    • - hopeful
    • - positive
    • - expectant
    • - lively
    • - spirited
    • - self-assured
    • - self-confident


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