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How Did We Get Here?

  • Secure Logistics was brought into existence in 2009 when a long standing overseas business contact, requested the owner Andre Du Venage to set up a cargo monitoring service at OR Tambo International Airport to monitor and inspect imported cargo, arriving from abroad. This resulted in Secure Logistics, monitoring blue chip companies’ imports to South Africa.
  • Since then the business model evolved into a more comprehensive service offering, which include total cargo security services around the movement of vulnerable cargo.
  • Today Andre Du Venage and Partner Patricia Du Venage are proud to say that they have a client base that includes major role players in the SA Logistics environment.

Overview of Owner- Andre Du Venage

  • Andre has a background of 14 years in the SA Police Services and 21 years in Risk Management of which 16 years in the cargo protection industry. He is a qualified as a Forensic Auditor and certified security management proffesional. He is also a TAPA trainer on FSR and TSR.
  • Andre worked at the specialized investigations unit of the SAPS named Gauteng Truck Hijacking Unit from 1992 to 1998 and held the rank of Detective Captain and 2iC of the Unit.
  • Andre held National Risk Manager and General Manager positions from 2002, till 2009, prior to starting Secure Logistics.
  • He is the chairman of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) SA Work Group for the past 7 years. TAPA is a global organization setting operational and security standards for the warehousing and transport industry. Andre heads the yearly TAPA conference in SA aimed at the logistics, transport, insurance and security industry at Emperors Palace, Kempton Park. For more information on TAPA please visit the website
  • He is an International Speaker on Cargo Risk Mitigation and Operations. His written articles on this subject were published in industry magazines locally and abroad. Available under news feed. He has participated in a project driven by PSIRA on CIT and AIT security standards.

Today’s Situation

Secure Logistics provides cargo protection services that includes:

  1. Airside Monitoring at OR Tambo International Airport.
    We monitor each shipment arriving on the tarmac, inspect, photograph and compile status arrival reports.
  2. Delivery Services
    Collect and deliver vulnerable and other shipments to client requirements, with risk mitigating technology on board our vehicles.
  3. Armed Surveillance Escort Services
    Surveillance vehicles secure delivery trucks on-route, due to much increased risks of hijacking and loss of life.
  4. Container Security Clamping and Tracking
    We clamp container doors shut and monitor movement till safely delivered. Mostly from Durban to JNB.
  5. Cross-Border Operation
    We secure and monitor cross-border operations, exports and imports 24/7.
  6. Risk Management Services
    Includes driver training, risk audits and investigations.

Why is this service required?

  • Vehicle hijackings increased 50% each year for the past six years and are now three times more common than in 2011, according to the Institute for Security Studies (ISS)- Dr. Johan Burger, Senior Researcher 2017.
  • Combined 2015 and 2016 statistics recorded 2463 truck hijackings, of which more than 60% takes place in Gauteng. Minimum three truck hijackings takes place every day.
  • Cargo crimes are spiraling out of control, which costs the country billions of rand each year in recovery costs and lost sales. Clients loose the competitive edge if product destined for the shelves is not delivered on time due to cargo crimes.
  • The logistics industry has a definite need for reputable cargo security specialists to mitigate the risk of losing vulnerable freight. Our clients will attest to the fact that our services brings peace of mind in knowing we take good care of their products in the distribution phase and we will deliver on time. We have an almost perfect safe delivery rate of 99.9% over the past 10 years which is exceptional taking the risk factors involved with moving vulnerable cargo.

We encourage you to TAKE ACTION

  • If you experience cargo losses.
  • If you have a need to set security measures.
  • Warehousing operations or movements.
  • Containers to be secured.
  • In-house Training to driver on prevention of hijackings.

Insurance Requirements

  • Our clients normally have Insurance Mandatory Requirements to move vulnerable cargo under increased security controls which Secure Logistics caters for.
  • Secure Logistics has its own operational insurance cover that includes, security lock failure, negligence and other failures up to the value of R3million on delivery services.
  • Our clients normally has Insurance Mandatory Requirements to move vulnerable cargo under increased security controls which Secure Logistics caters for.

Quality Management and Performance Measures

  • TAPA FSR and TSR standards.
  • PSIRA Regulations.
  • Warehousing in line with ISO requirements.



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