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Service excellence – providing our customers with peace of mind since 1949.

Silverton Radiators has been in the engine cooling business for more than sixty years and if there is anybody who understands engine cooling then it’s us. For fast, friendly and efficient service let the professionals help you. There are more than 110 Silverton Radiators dealers spread across Southern Africa so where-ever you are there is a Silverton Radiators dealer.

Services offered by Silverton Radiators:

At Silverton Radiators we strive to deliver quality of service in a friendly and efficient manner. Whatever the problem may be, we are here to help you, the customer, to get back on the road again with the least possible inconvenience and at the best possible price.

Our experienced and capable Silverton radiators outlets are backed by an organization with a solid track record stretching over a period of time of more than 60 years since it came into existence. This organization is further backed by big automotive names such as BEHR and HELLA and we are therefore able to access the latest in German automotive technology and support in order to provide you, the customer, with the service that you deserve.

Specialist engine cooling systems advice

Whatever problems or questions you may have, your Silverton radiators outlet is a specialist on the subject and will gladly help. Please contact your nearest outlet directly for assistance.

Professional flushing of cooling systems

Good quality engine coolant contains various additives that will protect the system in different ways. Over time these additives will start to break down and lose their effectiveness and at this point the performance of the cooling system components will be compromised due to factors such as corrosion or build-up of foreign particles on the surfaces of the various components. This will impair the performance of the system and may lead to more expensive repairs at a later stage.

In order to maintain the system at optimal performance levels it is recommended to replace the coolant and flush the system from time to time. Please contact your local Silverton Radiators outlet and they will gladly assist.

Radiator and intercooler re-coring or refurbishment

Certain types of radiators and intercoolers / charge air coolers can easily be re-cored as a cost effective alternative to replacing a part with a new one. Another alternative for copper brass type radiators may be to repair or refurbish the item if damage is not too extensive. Your local Silverton radiators outlet will be happy to assist you in determining the best solution for your needs.

Custom-made parts as per customer requirements

Whatever you engine cooling needs may be we are able to make a wide variety of parts in differing configurations. Please contact your nearest Silverton Radiators outlet for further assistance.

Sales of quality replacement parts

Silverton Radiators specializes in a large range of parts for engine cooling systems and automotive air-conditioning (a/c) systems. In addition we also supply original equipment quality vehicle lighting parts to the independent aftermarket for most European vehicles from 2000 onwards.  We are able to supply the following parts for most vehicles:

  • Radiators
  • Fans
  • Oil coolers
  • Condensors
  • Intercoolers

Parts are sold under the Behr Hella Service brand.

Wherever you see this brand you can rest assured that you are buying a good quality part manufactured to stringent quality standards and backed by our standard nationwide warranty.

Parts may be either OE equivalent or aftermarket depending on application. OE equivalent parts are sometimes branded under the original manufacturer’s brand. If you would like to know whether a part is OE equivalent or aftermarket, please ask your Silverton radiators outlet before you make the purchase.
Amongst others, we stock the following original equipment (OE) manufacturer’s brands:

  • BEHR
  • Hella

For popular applications we can normally also offer a quality aftermarket part as a cost effective alternative to the OE equivalent brand.

Specialized systems and component testing

Correctly diagnosing a problem depends not only on understanding how a system works but also on performing various checks and tests and then knowing how to correctly interpret the results. The following are some of the checks and tests that may be done by your local Silverton Radiators outlet when diagnosing a problem:

Tracing cooling system leaks. This might be done by any one or a combination of the following:

  • Visual inspection
  • Using a special dye and ultraviolet light
  • Pressure testing the cooling system as a whole
  • Pressure testing the radiator cap to ensure correct system pressures during operation.
  • Testing for combustion gas leaks which might indicate a blown cylinder head gasket or even a cracked cylinder head.
  • Testing for the presence of stray currents which could cause the destruction of engine cooling system components by electrolysis.
  • Checking for correct antifreeze levels

For any specific diagnosis you might need and for all your engine cooling problems in general please contact your local Silverton radiators outlet and they will be happy to assist.

Expert cooling system troubleshooting, service and repair

Modern vehicle systems are becoming ever-more complex. Understanding how the different subsystems in a vehicle work together is not as easy as it used to be unless you are really an expert. Engine cooling systems are no exception and when it comes to this subject, Silverton Radiators is your expert. Starting with the correct diagnosis through to providing the right solution Silverton Radiators is your best choice. Contact your local Silverton Radiators outlet and they will get right to it.


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