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Sitters4U is a locally based professional childcare, education, home and administrative support service provider. Launched in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Bianca Steyn, since 2007 we have catered to family and business needs, providing services in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and abroad.

Who Are We?

Sitters4U set the standard for childcare in South Africa being the first to require vehicles and a level 1 first aid. Since our inception we have processed over 70 000 applications and face rejection rates of around 80 – 90%. Our team based between Cape Town and Gauteng consists of a 99% female team over 2500 vetted educators and childcare professionals who have a tertiary education level, experience, their own vehicles and first aid. Our average age range varies from 21 to 55 years of age and many have been on our team for years. They are all interviewed, telephonically reference checked, ITC, ID, drivers, and criminal clearance checked for our clients’ peace of mind.   More than simply au pairs, PA - au pairs, tutors, professional nannies, teachers, night nurses, facilitators, home managers, chefs and PA’s, our team consists of mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters and granddaughters. We are family, supporting families.

Our Services

Private Family Care Services

Private family care services include professional ChildCARE services available on an adhoc, short term contract and long term placement basis. In other words you can book a professional particular to your family’s needs for babysitting a well as long term or short term placement, while our StudentCARE and HomeCARE services available on a short or long term basis. Childcare services are often used by hotel guests and clients are regularly referred by concierge services and travel agencies.

Childminding Services


For events we provide not only childminding but equipment and entertainment hire, event management, planning services and compliance consultation. We have catered to events with as little as 5 children, all the way up to 4000 children a day. Over the years, we have been afforded the opportunity to work with some phenomenal brands including but not limited to;

  • Cell C
  • Argus Cycle Tour
  • Nickelodeon (Annual Contract)
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Peppa Pig
  • DSTV Delicious Concert – (Engen funded kids zone)(Annual contract)


View some of our past (and current micro) events over on our newly launched Instagram page here.


If a child is present on a film shoot, by law, even if the child’s parent is on site, a trained childminder who is aware of the legislation governing children working on set, who is first aid qualified is required. For our film studio clients, we provide childminders trained specifically for film. Many of our film studio clients also use our services to provide childcare to their actors, directors or on set childcare areas.

Studios we have worked with over the years include;   

  • Moonlighting
  • Fort
  • Egg Films
  • Film & Event Media
  • Film Africa
  • Blue Ice BST, to name a few…


Restaurants – Play Zones - Hotels

For restaurants and hotels which do or would like to offer family friendly experiences, often additional minders are required onsite to manage play-zones during high traffic hours, events or promotions, in order to meet legislated requirements. We provide these services and for larger venues plan fun and interactive classical game play, booking and engaging the children in the activities made available. For hotels we additionally offer planning and execution of holiday club programs.

Current Promotions

We know it’s been a tough year and to that end, we have launched our ‘Gift of Time’ service. Buy the Gift of Time for a friend, family member, clients or a work colleague. The “Gift of Time” is a gift voucher which entitles the bearer to make use of any of our professional childcare services on an on-demand basis. The vouchers may be deducted against bookings made.

Unlike many westernised countries (for example the UK and most European countries), in South Africa, we don’t offer emergency childcare or compassionate leave.

This ‘leaves’ many parents using their annual and/or sick leave to act as emergency childcare for their families, leaving little of the essential time couples require to maintain healthy relationships, healthy family life, equates to happier employees, which in turn offers real return for your bottom line. StatsSA and most companies don’t even on how many days per annum our employees take off work to act as emergency childcare to their families. This offer can also be used as a unique talent retention and productivity tool to corporate clients.

How many of your company clients and employees are parents that would appreciate the Gift of Time after this tough year? Likely, all of them.  

Click here to purchase a voucher for your friends, family or employees or clients.

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FamilyCARE Services

Childminding Services



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