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The History of Solar

The first traceable use of the sun was when man used crystals to use the Sun’s rays for starting fires.  We have used the sun (solar energy) to our advantage for thousands of years for growing food, heating food or water, making fire, electricity and alternative energy. 

The first recorded sun based dish was in 1767 by the inventor Soussare. He made an oval box that he protected and lined with glass. He put two small boxes inside and placed it in the Sun. The small box warmed to more than one hundred degrees Celsius. This may be presently alluded to as a diary bearing and was utilized at some stage in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds to examine what quantity of the Sun’s heat might be harvested.

Today the solar industry is flourishing and is reworking our means of thinking and influencing our approach towards the matter of the ever spiralling electricity consumption and cost. With the results of world warming transforming into extra observable and along these lines the draining oil wells and coal mines, we tend to have gotten to be extra and more snared into renewable energy.  Solar geysers for a home was invented and are being used as alternative sustainable water heating for the common household. A Solar Geyser on your roof today, shows you are conserving energy the natural way and are eco-friendly minded.

The History of SOLNET

  The average electricity account then was only around R8 to R12 p/m and the thought of an amount of R 1 000.00 p/m and above, was inconceivable. A number of these early days solar water heating units is still visible on roofs throughout the Western Cape today. These systems are also known as solar geysers systems.

The design and contents of the modern solar water heating systems has improved and comprises of South African materials and all parts are factory-made in our country. The newcomer to our industry is the very economical and cost effective Heat Pumps . This route is for those people living in multi-storey buildings where access tothe conventional geyser is difficult or placed in the basement. This design however far outweighs only using Eskom in providing hot water to your household but solar heating is still tops if there is roof where solar panels can be installed. The added advantage of a properly designed solar water heating system is that it requires no electricity except under extreme weather conditions and very little maintenance.

Solar Pool Heating - So Much Fun

In early 1990’s, the need for cost effective pool heating for the homeowner was recognised and Solnet started with an imported product, solar heating panels, for swimming pools and spas. The results was spectacular and the industry grew into a lifestyle mode. Through research and development, the Solnet solar Pool Heating Panels, pool heaters for an individual Home, or for as we know it today, was developed especially for our harsh South African conditions. 

South African Designed & Manufactured

The SOLNET solar heating system design had performance and longevity in mind and because of that factor, we can comfortably offer a ten-year assurance on our product. Over the years, many copies of our products followed but is falling short, time and time again. When a SOLNET product is been installed, it looks simple until a novice or imitator attempts it.

Water Heating Systems

There are various types of heating systems. The most commonly used in South Africa are the ones described below.  

  • Solar panels for heating pools
  • Solar panel for heating geysers
  • Retrofit systems
  • Preheat systems
  • Direct systems
  • Heat Pumps for heating pools
  • Heat pumps for heating Geysers
  • SOLNET Maintenance and repairs

Solar Pool Heating Panels

The most effective, solar heating panels for your swimming pool, using inert black plastic polymers that cannot be corroded by pool chemicals or eroded by water. Designs with individual tubes allow the roof to breathe, dry out. Individual tube design also reduce wind load, reducing the need for complicated mounting systems. Solar pool heating panels are installed on the north facing roof for maximum sun coverage during a solar day.

Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps are very effective and cost effective to run. Used for Olympic swimming pools, domestic swimming pools, industrial water heating, guest houses, hotels, government swimming pools, you get the picture, basically to heat large amounts of water, like pools etc.

Solar Geysers

The best way to save on your eskom electrical account is by installing a Solnet Solar Geyser. It consists of a solar geyser with a flat plate collector and also has a electrical backup system in case of overcast, rainy or load shedding days.  Again solar geysers and collectors are placed on the north facing roof for maximum sun coverage during a solar day.  See our solar geyser section.

Geyser Heat Pumps

These units work and performs the same as the Swimming Pool Heat pump but with only 22mm Connections. It uses about 70% less than the Conventional electric element method of heating the Water in the geyser / boiler.









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