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13 Meerlust Park Henry Vos Street Asla Park, Strand, ,South Africa
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Founded in 1996 by my friend and mentor Mossie Mostert, Strand Guns has been operating in the Helderberg basin since 1996.
Strand Arms&Ammo CC trading as Strand Guns CK2008/029324/23 SAPS FAR 100435. Licensed to trade in Arms & Ammunition.
Strand Guns was founded as a one man concern in early 1996 by my dear friend and mentor Nicol (Mossie) Mostert. I started working for him in May 1996. When Mossie passed away in 2007, i started Strand Arms &Ammo CC in 2008, but kept the trading name of Strand Guns.

I run Strand Guns as a small outfit, but with emphasis on personal service. Strand Guns strive to be competitively priced while selling quality equipment tailored to the individuals need and budget. With over 20 years experience in the industry i try to advise my clients to the best of my ability.
I believe and promote responsible, legal firearm ownership. I believe it is our duty to (be able to) protect yourself and your loved ones. I also believe that ones firearms should never be a hazard to any innocent person. Safety of person and firearm(s) should always be priority.
Trust in God and keep your powder dry!
Strand Guns is a retailing outfit that sells most things related to firearms. We cannot compete with the big stores on quantity of stock but in turn offers a personal service and great prices. We sell new and second hand firearms, ammunition and accessories, offer safe storage (depending on availability of space and assist with motivations for license applications.


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