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The Tax Shop is a franchise group established throughout South Africa, offering high quality financial services to individuals and corporates. We have been actively trading since January 2007.


A vast range of professional services which are quick, convenient and at the lowest cost to our clients. Our full range of services are listed to the right.">


We consider professional service delivery to be a cornerstone of our business. Accounting services range from basic bookkeeping to the compilation of complex financial statements. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise we will determine the perfect package for you. Some businesses are required by laws governing the entity type to prepare annual financial statements. Others may have no legal requirement for financial statements, but may still need to prepare financial statements for the purposes of satisfying financial institutions, SARS, etc.

Whether your need is for monthly bookkeeping, quarterly budget meetings or annual financial statements we are able to meet every need with professionalism and excellence.

Our accounting services include (but are not limited) to the following:?

·        Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services.

·        Management Reporting.

·        Budgets & Forecasting.

·        Annual Financial Statements.

·        Submission of Tax and Other Returns (Linked to Accounting Function).

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Payroll costs are often the largest expense in an organisation. Given that the payroll function can be very complicated, we have created an online solution to allow organisations to record salaries and wages in a way which is easy to use, cost-efficient and compliant with all legal and tax requirements.

What are the benefits?

1.     No Need to Install Complicated and Expensive Software

Our product is web-based which means that you do not have to install expensive and complicated proprietary software. All payroll software companies charge fees for annual updates (as a result of changes in tax legislation) which can be avoided by using our online software. Offering an internet solution means that you can access your payroll from anywhere in the world. You are always guaranteed of the latest cutting edge technology and updates to tax legislation.

2.     No Need to Store Data

An online record is kept of every document ever processed which can easily be retrieved. No more need for backups of software or physical storage of printed payslips etc.

3.     No Need for Extensive Training

The simplicity of our online software means that intensive or extended training of payroll staff is not required.

4.     No Need for Regular Input of Data

Once employee details have been loaded, processing of payslips is performed with a few simple clicks.

5.     Reporting is Made Simple

A complete audit trail is maintained online which means that you can extract any payroll information quickly. Printing of year-end tax certificates e.g. IRP5s can be done within seconds.

6.     Unlimited Payroll Options

Our online software makes provision for hourly, weekly, monthly and virtually any other type of income earner. There is no limit to the number of employees or companies which you may add.

7.     Direct Payments

The payroll can be set up to process direct payments to employees’ bank accounts once the payslips have been processed (EFT).

8.     Notifications

The payroll can be set up to send an employee’s pay slip directly to his/her mobile phone via sms or to his/her email address.

9.     Self Service for Employees

Employees have the option of logging into the payroll to view their personal history (payslips, leave etc) and to apply for leave online. While each employee would have their own unique login, they would only have access to their own personal information and not to the entire payroll.

10. Secure Stationary

Payslips can be printed to sealed stationery on laser jet printer.

11. Exporting to SARS

Payroll data can easily be exported to a format which can be imported in SARS EasyFile PAYE for Employers.

12. Submissions to the Department of Labour

We automatically submit electronic UI-19 declarations to the Department of Labour at no extra cost to employers.

13. More than just Payroll

PayrollPRO offers more than just a payroll system, but is also a human resource management system, enabling employers to keep record of leave for employees in accordance with government requirements.

What are the Costs?

There are no annual licence costs nor any software costs. You only pay for each payslip which is processed. This means that you could pay very little for your payroll! There is no limitation on the number of companies or number of employees you can add and no extra costs for adding extra companies or employees. PayrollPRO allows you to produce payslips for any number of employees (even as little as one). Remember, you only pay for the payslips which you process. Many additional services are included with PayrollPRO at no extra cost. For example, you will not pay anything extra for:

  • ·         PAYE, SDL & UIF registration with SARS.
  • ·         PAYE, SDL & UIF return (submitted monthly to SARS).
  • ·         EMP501 reconciliation (submitted bi-annually to SARS).
  • ·         UI19 declaration (submitted monthly to Dept. Labour).

In addition to producing payslips and offering the free services indicated above, we are able to offer various SARS-related services at very competitive rates such as:

  • ·         IRP5s which can be produced within seconds without complication.
  • ·         Sending of sms notifications to employees to confirm their payslip details.
  • ·         Self-service functionality whereby employees have the option to log into the system directly.
  • ·         Submissions of monthly declarations to the Department of Labour on your behalf.


Taxation services range from basic registrations to the submission of complex returns. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise or even an individual we aim to deliver professional taxation services at the lowest cost to you. Advanced tax software developed in-house means that you never have to face mistakes or delays on your tax returns again.

Our taxation services include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • ·         Registration of Corporations and Individuals
  • ·         Submission of returns for income tax (including provisional tax), employees tax (PAYE) and VAT
  • ·         Tax clearance certificates
  • ·         Tax directives
  • ·         Investigation into outstanding accounts with SARS
  • ·         Correcting errors on accounts with SARS
  • ·         Negotiation of repayment plans with SARS and obtaining discounts
  • ·         Assisting with tax claims
  • ·         Restructuring of salary packages with the purpose of saving tax
  • ·         General tax advice with regards to all aspects of taxation, including capital gains tax


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