Ametis Retirement Facility

4 Gordon’s Bay Drive, Strand, 7140 ,South Africa
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Die Strand-Naastediens NPC was established in 1969 as a Non-Profit Organisation in Strand, Western Cape.

The Company focuses on providing quality, affordable accommodation and care options to the elderly and people who would like to retire in a community environment. Currently, the Organisation owns and operates three Retirement Facilities – Ametis, Altena and Serenitas – offering services and options to older people with varying levels of mobility and dependency.


Ametis was the Organisation’s first retirement initiative and was designed as a high-rise building providing accommodation to approximately 150 residents in single and double units.  The Frail Care Unit can accommodate up to 38 residents who are unable to live independently and need 24-hour care, both of a personal and/or medical nature.

Altena, similar to Ametis, is a high-rise building offering accommodation to approximately 220 residents in single and double units. The Frail Care Unit can accommodate 38 residents.

Serenitas accommodates residents who can function independently and prefer to reside in garden units.  Both single and double units are available for occupation and approximately 300 residents can be accommodated. The Frail Care Unit can accommodate 94 residents in either single or double rooms, or in general wards. An additional extension to the Frail Care Unit which would also provide care on an out-patient basis, will be operational towards the end of 2019.

Any prospective residents can apply for admission to the Facility of their choice and will be added to a waiting list which is being administrated on an open and transparent basis by the Management teams of all the Facilities.


  • To provide a safe, secure environment for all residents, visitors and employees;
  • To promote the physical and mental health of all residents;
  • To provide appropriately trained and qualified employees with integrity to support and care for residents;
  • To provide the quality and level of care required by residents; and,
  • To be financially sustainable in a challenging economic climate.


Die Strand-Naastediens NPC aims to become the leader in providing quality affordable accommodation and care in the Helderberg Valley.


The dignity of residents and employees associated with Die Strand-Naastediens NPC is protected and promoted. The aim is to provide and ensure excellent quality of life, both to individuals and as a community. Residents are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process of the House Committee, concerning all matters affecting their lives while at the Facility, such as organising activities and other initiatives, social programmes and input into the nutrition and menus on offer during meal times.

Die Strand-Naastediens NPC does not offer just a Care facility to all its residents, but also provides a home, a circle of friends, and a healthy community to become part of.


At the Strand-Naastediens NPC an elected Board of Directors meets monthly and determines the strategic and policy decisions of the Organisation. These strategic and policy decisions guide the daily Operational Management of the respective Retirement Facilities.  The Directors are elected according to the requirements of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

Current residents are not allowed to stand for election and likewise, if any of the elected members of the Board of Directors are accepted to take up residency in one of the Facilities, the members will have to resign before they become residents.


A formalised management system containing several policy documents and related procedures have been implemented and must be adhered to, ensuring that the required levels of service are delivered consistently at all the facilities owned by Die Strand-Naastediens NPC. All the policies comply with and are aligned to the applicable Legal Requirements. The Organisation’s Financial Records are subject to an annual external audit and the applicable third party inspections as required.


Institutions providing services and care to older persons must adhere to strict legal requirements. Die Strand-Naastediens NPC has, among others, the following documents to ensure our compliance:

  • Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)
  • Relevant Municipal Zoning Certificate
  • Fire Clearance Certificate
  • Departmental Health Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Approval for the Preparation of Food
  • Occupational Health and Safety Standards
  • All relevant Labour Legislation


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