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Massage therapy is the use of human touch to free the body from physical and emotional stress which can cause a physical reaction. Touch therapy is a very needed part of our overall well being, everyone can benefit from it, regardless of age or gender and isn't just an occasional indulgence that leaves you refreshed and revived.Through my un-rushed massage service I will aim to bring complete relaxation and healing to the body, mind and ultimately the soul. Regular massage strengthens the immune system and helps prevent disease and increases joint flexibility, the power of it goes beyond just making you feel good. 


For real and complete relaxation I recommend a Swedish or Stimulating Massage. Please note Stimulating Massage has nothing to do with the giver being in the nude and so it isn't offered in that manner. My service is more about touch and using different hand techniques, rhythm, flow and breathing to bring the body to a complete state of mind, enhance endorphins and to bring about calmness and relaxation. 


For deep , firm and in-depth work to penetrate and release chronic muscle tension I recommend Deep tissue and Hot oil massage. The focus ultimately is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) and to bring healing and ease of movement. For health benefits I work directly into the pelvic floor (located between the navel and inner thigh and will steadily build you to a healthy release. At no point do I use a toss and jerk motion - DO NOT request this from me. 


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