Somerset House Pre-primary

Drana Street, Somerset West, 7130 ,South Africa
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More than a school -A way of life.

As a school community of children, parents and staff, we are very proud of our school and what it stands for. It is first and foremost a place of learning, but there is far more to our school than that. It is also a place where children and adults interact on a daily basis in a happy and beautiful environment where mutual respect is regarded highly and relationships are valued. This more than anything else is the reason for our children being happy at school. It is our wish that each individual child at Somerset House achieves his or her potential. We recognize that children are different and we therefore encourage participation in a wide range of activities so that each child can develop a passion in school, and indeed, for life.

Oakwood Pre Primary

Oakwood is undoubtedly the busiest part of our school. This is where firemen and nurses, fairies and magicians, truck drivers and computer technicians all work and play and learn. This is where your child is able to be whatever they wish to be, while they are readied for Grade 1 and all that formal school will demand of them. Our pre-school is a friendly, happy one where your children can enjoy a beautiful environment and the attention of teachers who regard each child as a unique individual. Somerset House offers relevant and high quality schooling to children from Grade 000 to Grade 7. The fact that this is all offered on one campus enhances communication and co-operation between teachers of pre-school and primary school allowing for a smooth transition between the two.

We aim to begin educating your child for life – encouraging independence, self-sufficiency and a passion for learning. We believe that, in building the child’s self-confidence, allowing the child to make their own decisions and teaching him or her to solve problems independently and creatively, this will be achieved. Oakwood provides a carefully researched and well-planned curriculum that provides opportunities for all children to succeed in a caring atmosphere. Our programme is based on learning through play as the teachers provide intentional play activities as well as allowing for spontaneous play. We encourage self-discipline within the framework of loving, but firm, adult guidance.  We look to build on your child’s independence and self-confidence while creating opportunities to mould our children into problem solvers and critical thinkers.

There are two classes in each grade:

  • Grade 000 (Bees & Ladybirds)
  • Grade 00 (Dormice & Fieldmice)
  • Grade R (Owls & Squirrels)

Included in the Oakwood Programme (included in school fees):

  • Music and Movement (Grade 000 – R: presented by one of the Music teachers from the Prep School)
  • Phys Ed (Grade 00 and R only – presented by one of our Prep School sports coaches).
  • isiXhosa (Grade 000 – R: presented by the Prep School Xhosa Teacher)
  • ICT (integrated into Grade R lessons)
  • Ball Skills (Grade R: introduction to hockey, netball, cricket and rugby)
  • Swimming (Grade R)
  • Specialist Art Lessons (Grade R)
  • Physi-Fun (Integrated into Grade 000 – R lessons)
  • Outings (Grade R)
  • Puppet Shows (Grade 000 – R)



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