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24 Morkel Street, Somerset West, Somerset West, ,South Africa
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yogadore is a space dedicated to mindfulness and self-attention.
We invite you to spend some time on the person who matters most ... you!
Be it through yoga or personal mastery, these activities make great partners in providing a holistic approach to balancing mind, body and spirit.
The emphasis here is not on needing to have a certain body type, spiritual leaning or specific philosophical ideas
... at yogadore you get to be you, do you and grow you.


I first encountered yoga at age fifteen - a friend at boarding school taught me the sun salute and we would meet at break to perform as many as possible before getting to our sandwiches and juice.
I would love to say that the rest is history, but the 80s happened ...
I donned my sweat band and leg warmers and joined the aerobic parade. However, through this I learned about my love for teaching, finally opening my own aerobic studio.
Unfortunately illness side-lined me for quite some time, but meditation and yoga helped restore me to full health. Happy to have switched the high kicks for a mat, I continue to practise daily.
I love to take long walks on our magnificent Helderberg and at the beach. And I also do some work for an NPO which focuses on the education of disadvantaged children. 
My not so secret pleasure is a passion for sport (the armchair variety) - I'll happily spend a free afternoon watching football, tennis, cricket ... 


My husband and I opened the yoga studio in 2009 to share our enthusiasm and I am as thrilled as ever to teach yoga classes, and share knowledge too.
And so there is even more to yogadore ... in this beautiful space, I also coach others towards achieving personal mastery through self-development workshops, being the highly effective and transformative 12-step spirals course which includes the springboard introduction to personal mastery, plus the single workshop shadow mastery course.
I started developing my own personal mastery in response to the experience of coming through a very dark period in my life. After years of informal study (and great success with myself!) I literally woke up one morning and knew that I had to share what I had learnt. I collaborated with other facilitators and experts to create the spirals Personal Mastery course which was launched in 2002. Since then I have run this powerful course with hundreds of people.
My commitment is to share with you what works - what took me years to learn, I have packaged into a highly doable, trackable process to support and create a focus for your personal journey. 
My intention is to nudge you gently into deeper self-awareness ... be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
I provide opportunities for you to pay yourself attention, get grounded, relax, exercise, laugh, be mindful, plus do inner work - all of which let you grow strong and flexible in body and mind.
In my personal experience, engaging in these activities is a most worthwhile life endeavour and I highly recommend it!


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